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Westar says it can't comply with EPA's new pollution rules

I happen to know a team of engineering companies have been trying to sell Westar these exact emission control systems for close to 10 years. Westar saw no benefit to improving their emission control capabilities.

So yeah, it's impossible because they intentionally chose not to install anything remotely modern for a decade.

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During upcoming trip, KU chancellor to officially invite Colombian president back to alma mater

" Rumor has it......"

Nice unsubstantiated claim....

Rumor has it believing and spreading rumors is lame. How 'bout some evidence.

Moreover who cares if a foreign national openly gives money to a US educational institution. Worse case scenario it's more local education and more local spending paying employees, third party suppliers, and they all pay TAXES (see what I did there).

Are you really claiming someone graduated from KU and moved to South Korea simply so they could make a tax free gift to their college? You do realize they could just stay HERE and make a tax exempt gift to KU Endowment and achieve the same result (the extension of your argument being that they are giving solely for a tax shelter not because they actually care about "the Great State of Kansas").

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Kansas House committee wants Board of Regents to study benefits of privatizing many functions at state universities

There someone goes again... using data to answer a question that is far better approached with guttural opinion 8)

Seriously. Gold star question4u. That is exactly the point. While private doesn't always mean high cost nor high quality "Top Rated" always means only the absolute super wealthy have access (or the very small percentage that get a large enough scholarship to bring costs in line with what a typical family could pay off in a lifetime). Add room, board, food and other expenses and you're easily talking $225-250k for a bachelors degree.

How many jobs, in Kansas, pay enough money to pay those loans off? Add to that the fact that there is talk of having interest on students loans start at origination (and not after graduation as in the past) and you'd have a huge hump of interest to deal with on top of the loan.

I'm neither blanket for or against privatization (it has it's place like all things). But I can say that if a bunch of students yell at KU Housing or at the Rec Center folks, they really do try to adjust things (if it wouldn't cost 6 figures that they don't have). Try yelling at the Marriott Corporation or any of the myriad examples in campus outsourcing and see what the outcome is. It's ALWAYS "you want anything more that what you get it will cost you... and that is IF we decide to". One thing you get in Public vs Private is you can at least get transparency (eventually) with records requests and public hearings. No company will subject themselves to that without a summons to appear before congress or a judge.

I am in no way saying things couldn't be more efficient in almost every bureaucracy in the state. But seriously, KU's internal costs for a plumber/electrician/etc are less than HALF what a licensed plumber in town costs per hour. It's the only way KU has dealt with an almost total lack of state provided maintenance funds for decades. In other words, there is no "profit" on top of their labor/headcount costs that goes to the shareholders. That and KU constantly outsources things that make sense (roofs, renovations, etc). They have BOTH options and look at the costs of both and then decide "can we do it internally and is it cheaper if we do".

That and honest to god, KU's facilities people work very very hard (see how fast snow gets shoveled on campus vs a corporate housing complex).

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Another downtown property owner expresses concerns about late-night food cart operations

This from the man that bought that 1/4 block from the Masons as a bundle (because the masons knew the temple wasn't worth much due to it's age and odd layout). They sold the two properties south of it under the understanding that someone would care for the temple and convert it to some good use, while making BANK on the two prime rentals to the south.

Good old Doug bought the package and IMMEDIATELY put a terrible particle board blockade and sale sign in front of the one building that needed help from a developer. Years later, rot, rot, & spray paint.

Thanks Doug! Free market is great when your the one benefitting otherwise... SUE! Wouldn't want to crowd out the rotting barricade with a hotdog cart.

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Lawrence school board president suggests possibility of closing schools

Guess they'll have to put the elementary kids in trailers on the BOTH the new football fields!

This is absolutely ludicrous. Even after the economy was tanking they were more than clear that there was no way they would let it effect sports and band. Good call. I loved the "different colors of money" blather. The only color that pays for facilities (and their maintenance) is green.

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Jenkins staffer says Congresswoman didn't read resolution she supported, which referenced 'great white hope'

The only thing worse than a racist is an ignorant one. The only thing worse than that is someone that makes all Kansans seem like ignorant racists.

I didn't care too much for her before but she has just proven that she is at best a talking point puppet who probably lacks either the brains or the willingness to work that Boyda (take or leave her point if view) had.

"Conservative" does not have to equal backwards ignorant fool (although she appears to be proving the theory held by some).

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LHS upgrades

Thanks for spending an enormous pile of money while cancelling bus services! (how many decades could the cancelled buses run for the price of ONE stadium much less two?!)
Thanks for lighting up everyones living rooms with your field lights!
Thanks for all the muddy runoff!
Thanks for building a big sound bowl that directs the band noise (that goes until well after 9:00pm) straight up into the University Place neighborhood!
Thanks for causing two owner occupied homes next to the field to become rentals!! (so far and it's not even football night yet)
Thanks for being sooo transparent about how you'll fund it!
Thanks for the inappropriate permiting process!

I love the whole "sports teaches kids things", yeah well so do teachers & jobs       .   

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate sports, the kids, & the teachers greatly. But this was a farce during a huge depression. He ought to be appreciative because all the people paying property taxes will have "dear suckers, the football coach says thanks!" written on next years tax appraisals.

That's ok though, the houses around LHS will all become student slums & the tax value slump will eventually offset the "benefit" at which point the school district won't have the ability to maintain any of these facilities.    

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Tuition retaliation?

@Bronze & Commuter:
Commuter Wrote:
"Maybe the education system will learn that the other state employees are having to take pay decreases, is anyone is education have to do this?"

So no raises (even to to cover inflation) year after year (no funding), pay that is %65 of the going rate in Topeka/KC/Wichita, and now seeing dozens of employees let go "non-reappointed" doesn't count eh? Maybe Commuter lives in la la land where people working at state edu's are totally rich and never get laid off.

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Kansas Senate passes 2.75 percent across-the-board cut in state budget

>“Local districts are having problems as it is.”…They have enough money for a new football field.

Two new stadiums if I recall 8)... In a depression... brilliant. Oh wait my school property tax is darn near comparable to my city tax property so maybe we can just make them even and they can build a third mega stadium on some land Compton or the Hedges can't sell anymore. Who needs to worry about paying people to maintain them or anything, they'll just get a fancy bond that nobody know how it is backed.

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Bill would require new marketing restrictions for some dairy products

Do yourself a favor. Look up KS State Rep Dan Kerschen. He is the Representative on the KS Senate Ag Board that is pushing this bill like a maniac. Guess when he ran and was elected? End of 2008, right after Cargill lost on this same bill last year. Cargill seems to have repackaged the bill.

Prior to running and getting elected Dan was (and is) a somewhat large scale... wait for it... DAIRY FARMER!

He was also (according to his filing when he ran for office):
-Board Member, Cattlemen's Beef Board, 2005-present
-Operating Committee Member, Hiland/Roberts Diary Foods Co, 2002-present
-Director, Dairy Farmers of America, 1998-present
-Cooperate Board Director, Dairy Farmers of America, 2002-2005, 2006-2008
-President, Sedgwick County Farm Bureau Agriculture Association
(reference: http://www.vote-ks.org/Intro.aspx?Id=...)
(reference http://www.beefboard.org/members.asp?...)

Note how many of the above are backing this bill... no really it's funny (or sad if you are into ethics)

Now ol' Dan sent a lot of people this email:

<quote>The labeling law deals with misleading information. To claim a product is "free" of or contains some other component that you can't prove is there, does a dis-service to consumers.

It implies that one product is better than another, which is not true.

Best Regards,
Rep Dan Kerschen

Uh actually one can prove that a chemical or drug is NOT INTENTIONALLY ADDED DURING THE PRODUCTION OF THEIR PRODUCT.

So much for protecting the consumer eh? If you are so hot on protecting the customer why not make people add to labels what they DO intentionally add during the production of their product?

He goes on in a latter bulk email message:

The costs to segregate milk supplies is paid by the producers . On the
average, the producer receives about 5 cents a gallon for this effort.
The retailer collects between 50 cents to $1.00 for the same product.

In other words this is about people that MAKE milk with RBST (RBGH) given to their cattle that don't want to have to label that it is ADDED to the production side of their business. So now that a lot of companies (like Walmart and Kraft) are asking for product that is not made with cattle given RBST, the folks that use it (and Cargill who is big in that business) are freaking out.

Oh but wait, this new bill is trying to SAVE US consumers from evil mom and pop milk producers!

Dan Kerschen, your UNBIASED ETHICAL Rep from Garden Plain on the Ag Board.

P.S. re: the "liberals" comments, all of these guys are "free market Republicans". Free market meaning pass laws so they get subsidies and don't have to compete.

I couldn't find a "Conflict of Interest" form filed w/ the Ethics Committee for Mr. Kerschen either? Oh well maybe he filed one w/ the Beef Council.

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