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Do you think young people are more or less politically involved these days?

Blaming former president Bush is the easy target while the historical facts point way back beyond him to the true presidential culprits behind our current dilemma.

So if you are inclined to place presidential blame, put it where it really belongs, on those who are most directly responsible for our current enslavement; starting with Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lyndon Baines Johnson, and all those in between, up to and including the current occupier in thief.


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Plastic bag ban?

Only if we can have shopping sacks made from Kansas grown hemp.

Hemp, the Nation's most useful universal perpetual resource it has yet totally ignores.


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Sound Off: What is the city code regarding smoking outside of a restaurant? How far do smokers have

Contrary to popular belief you are not free and never have been.

To believe otherwise just proves your real owners did a good job in brainwashing you in their forced indoctrination centers, aka, the public school system.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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Should evolution be taught in schools?

Since evolution and creationism both rely on the same religious substance of requiring one to take one hell of a leap of faith in order to believe in either one of them then neither POV should be taught in a government sanctioned, taxpayer supported school.


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Do you observe Flag Day in any way?

And flying the flag upside down IS the proper manner as anyone who doesn't think the Constitutional Republic is in distress is either in denial or completely delusional.


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Do you observe Flag Day in any way?

Unless and until the foreign-owned, defacto socialist corporation "government" otherwise known as UNITED STATES, INC is finally removed and the true De jure Constitutional Republic restored I will only fly the stars and stripes upside down.


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The only new jobs Obama has created is the obsessive crotch groping of innocent children, the elderly, and handicapped at any nearby airport.

Obama's name doesn't belong on any ballot, it belongs on the National Sex Offender's Registry.


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Do you think President Obama's stance in support of gay marriage will help or hurt his chances of being re-elected?

This announcement comes as no surprise since Obama already approves wholeheartedly of the 24/7/365 violent sexual assault upon not just innocent adults but especially of children, the handicapped and the elderly by his goons in the TSA.

Obama could stop this rape upon the innocent within the hour by placing one simple little phone call, yet he doesn't, so that makes him directly, personally, responsible.

And if you support Obama in any way shape or form that make you just as guilty of those same crimes as if you had your own hands down in those children's pants yourself.

Obama's name doesn't belong on a ballot, it belongs in the Sexual Offender's Registry.


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Most smart meters expected to be installed by year’s end in Lawrence

Sorry about that but you can remove the 25's LJW places in the web address to get past the filter to view the .pdf.


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