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Alleged victim in Collins case speaks out through attorney

Many players in college and pro basketball are tattooed thugs, moral degenerates and criminals. That seems to be true for the KU basketball team, too.

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Weapons provision surprises leaders

I guess they were so busy enriching themselves by finagling free gifts, trips and money from lobbyist that they simple did not have time to do the job they were elected to do.

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Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

As an earlier post stated: if not for college basketball the prison system would explode from over crowding.

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Treanor leader joins Kansas BIO panel

"cool" and "svengalli" are actually both being posted by Marion.

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What does marrying someone who is 30 years younger (or older) indicate about a person? How about a difference of 20 years...10 years...?

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Do you carry a weapon? Why or why not?

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Do you carry a weapon? Why or why not?

RobertMarble--- your response reveals that you are a categorical idiot. You are likely one of those "loud-mouth, tough guy, bully types" that provokes trouble with people that are physically smaller than you. Your are probably well known for telling other people that you are a real bad-a$$. However, in reality the people that know you regard you as a wind-bag.

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San Diego company touts oil alternative

Over 30 years ago President Carter implemented an array of energy initiatives to move the United States away from fossil fuels. Then Reagan-Bush immediately halted those programs at the bequest of U.S. oil companies.Now, 30 years later, try to imagine where this country might be in terms of alternative energy if Reagan-Bush had not been profiteering shills for those oil companies.So, when you are paying $4.00...$6.00...$10.00...$20.00 per gallon for gasoline and the oil companies continually report record profits, then be sure to credit the Reagan-Bush Republican legacy.

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KU recruiting class ranked No. 2 in land

The "TQ" is the best predictor of success for a college basketball team. What's the "TQ"?

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Jury: Lawrence surgeon not liable in death of woman from breast cancer

Two "professions" that should never be trusted:1.) The legal profession-- i.e., lawyers.2.) The medical profession-- i.e., doctors. Perhaps, 50 years ago being a lawyer or doctor was an indication of a good, trustworthy character. Today, however, lawyers and doctors are associated with self-serving greed, ego and profit with no regard for the well-being of clients or patients.

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