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Darnell Jackson's letter to KU fans

Congratulations to you, Darnell...and to the NBA & Cavalier's public relations department.

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Vice Presidential Candidate vs Desperate Alaskan Housewife

Surely, McCain's staff and the RNC painstakingly researched and uncovered any potential "skeleton's in the closet" before selecting Palin as a VP candidate. This rumor is pure fabricated nonsense....otherwise, McCain is doomed.

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Preserve parkway

The relationships between city/county/school officials and developers provide KU students with examples of questionable engineering, poor planning and suspect motives. The "Lawrence condition" is a great teaching aid for several departments at KU.

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Traffic problems spur city to restripe Tennessee St.

The city deliberately put citizen's property, safety and lives at risk by committing (or allowing) an obvious blunder then refused to correct it for two years.This Tennessed street problem is one example of many that reflects a serious downward spiral of our city, county and local state government. These lapses of responsiblity and accountability to the citizens are common occurrances.

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New venue, same old fun

My neighbor told me about the fireworks ban inside the city limits, so I did not buy any fireworks. However, I saw and heard numerous neighborhood displays all over town during the day on Friday and well into the night. Is the ban for real or is my neighbor misinformed?

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Have we peaked?

The local circumstances and the increasing price of gas will shift Lawrence into a dichotomy of university town and severly distressed, but high-priced ghost town within a few years.

June 29, 2008 at 10:30 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Have we peaked?

Irrespective of the cause, the past 10 to 15 years have produced the following current circumstances in Lawrence: 1.) The prevailing locally sourced wages are less than $24,000.00 a year.2.) A single family house typically cost 50% more than in surrounding cities/counties.3.) Whether a house lists for $100K or $500K, Lawrence real estate has developed a cheap, shoddy reputation. 4.) Crime and safety is an increasing problem. Shootings, assaults and robberies are fastly becoming common-place. Lawrence is a major drug trafficing town, too. 5.) The school district is faultering even after substantial physical improvements.6.) Local city/county government is increasingly known for self-serving, cronyism while local services and infrastructure deteriorates.These circumstances, among others, combined with the "tipping point" of high transportation costs for simply getting to & from Lawrence will cause a steady migration- both commercial and individual, away from Lawrence.

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Americans feel everything seemingly spinning out of control

Bondmen,You admit that the god of christianity required tortuous, ritualistic human sacrifice of his son..."a sacrifice necessary to cover the sins (past, present and future) of all mankind". What kind of god requires human sacrificial killing?And what about the god of christianity luring and bating his two perfect creations to not eat the fruit from one particular tree; what kind of god would bait and entrap innocent people?

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Americans feel everything seemingly spinning out of control

Bondmen, If your "god of christianity" is omnipotent, all seeing and all knowing, then that god could prevent all the world's problems. Instead, that god perpetuates the world's problems and allows pain, suffering, sickness, starvation, and disasters throughout the world. Plus, that god puts his only son through severe abuse and torture.Your god of christianity is cruel, sadistic and hateful beyond measure. What does that say about people that worship that god?

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Age doesn't matter for this couple

Seek counseling...you are just a few years out of high school and you're marrying someone in your grandfather's generation...seek counseling.

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