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Mock funeral crowd mourns ‘death’ of Kansas

Why would they when Brownback hired Elizabeth to run Medicaid?

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Burgers, bratwurst, gifts and good times: friends tell of homicide victims’ last days

Thank you for showing Andrew in a true light. He was all of this and more.

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Senate approves bill banning use of tax dollars to advocate for gun control

Okay, first question -What defines State money? Second-What defines gun control?

Will it be said again that State employees cannot contribute to organizations like the Gifford's or the NRA, since both promote regulations, albeit different regulations?

Will this disallow a public school teacher to teach both the gun as a tool and the gun as a weapon, say in ROTC or at a charter school such as a military academy? Or is the teaching the use of gun "promoting gun regulations"?

If a rogue student on KU campus or at the IRS is wielding a gun, may a State employee use the State owned phone on his desk to call the State funded security to seek help? Or is that a form of gun control not allowed?

My opinion on guns and gun safety is still forming. I think educated gun use as a tool of hunting or defense is justified sufficiently under our Constitution as written. Safety of individuals is overlapping but with thought can be addressed positively for all of us.

But I do not understand these severely one way decisions our Kansas government is making, and how those decisions are to represent all people and govern all people, which I was taught was the purpose of the government.

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Wicked Broadband project seeks $500,000 city grant; downtown hotel project seeks adjustment to incentives package; historical society seeks $20k for new exhibit

Have you not been to Carnegie lately? THAT mural should have been in Watkins. Take it out and move it maybe but don't make a second for the same reason.

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Brownback: Private GOP tax talks ‘going well’

my question too.

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Attorney general seeks $1.2 million to defend new laws

Ask Kochs to cough up the "spare change" for their defense.

April 26, 2013 at 8:02 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Vigil held to promote gun control

Controlling violence by guns is vastly different than controlling guns. And mental health is a piece of it. But only a piece. So is the culture of power and hate. I believe the "two sides' can come together and make this country safe. But it starts by coming together. Last night, Republicans and Democrats did just that.

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Anti-abortion bill expected to win final approval this week

The care for an endangered mother or a mother carrying a baby whose has passed on in utero, as of this bill, are all on her back to pay for-no matter her income level. I protest.

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