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KDOT plans to keep K-10, Clinton Parkway access open but would build new interchange

I hope they keep Farmer's Turnpike open. If it closes, those trucks will come down 6th street to Kasold and turn north in order to get to Lakeview Business Park. If you want a true "By-Pass" Farmer's Turnpike should remain open as a part of that plan.

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East Ninth Project committee discusses truck route, possible 'recreational path'

I applaud not moving the truck route. And I hear some thoughtful ideas here that I truly appreciate. I do wish we would cement less of everything we seem to plan these days. Having to plan for green space in order to "feel" organic, seems to miss the very definition of the word. But to open up the trail to downtown and keep the truck route sounds good.

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Lawrence school board to review changes to school traffic and crosswalks

School Board and City Commission both would like to hear your concerns. You are absolutely right. There is a stop sign on Wakarusa but it gets less traffic as most students live east of the high school and there is not enough control of traffic at Folks and Overland.

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Letter: Kasold safety

sorry it took me so long. I hope you see this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyJt5...

If this were Harvard and Kasold you would have to add one more street into the roundabout and 20 more vehicles into this video, with at least one of them being a Semi. There is a similar video that followed when I watched this that had a bus in the same roundabout. Since Kasold is a direct route from the bus barn to Bob Billings we have bus traffic even though we don't have the luxury of a route to serve us.

I can only speak for me. But when I watch this video, I can't breathe.

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Letter: Kobach misleading

With all due respect to the Journal World they cannot say that. Thank for writing.

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Letter: Kasold safety

Dave Cronin said in the last meeting that the roundabouts are deliberately built high in order to reduce the distraction of oncoming traffic.

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Letter: Kasold safety

The other million is already slated for sidewalks north of Kasold.

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Letter: Kasold safety

I just watched a roundabout video with an active crosswalk close to a school. The traffic Stopped. And Waited. Not for groups of children to cross at one time but for every child to individually decide to cross. That 4 minute video had a lower number of cars(60) than the projected (80) for Harvard and Kasold. They were three cars thick within the roundabout at a dead stop. and three cars thick waiting to enter the roundabout. But drivers could see over the low design. So excuse me for not seeing the emissions problem resolved. Attempted yes, resolved, no. As to your comment about flashing beacons, the City has stated that only one traffic calming device per intersection is the plan. For example, should the decision be to put a pedestrian flashing beacon at 8th, there will be no stop signs to control the oncoming traffic for the south bound left turners onto 8th.

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My deepest condolences to the families and friends of these firefighters. The lives they saved will never forget their sacrifice. And neither should we.

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Letter: Kasold savings

If I understand your point of view, then can you tell me why 31st street, which is within sight distance of the SLT, was reconstructed as it was?

From Haskell to the Farmer's turnpike, Kasold is the smoothest thoroughfare. I get that non stop traffic will shave a minute, and that is desirable. I get the emissions thing.

I do not see a million dollar savings. The initial plan said a million, yes. They said two roundabouts and now they don't, so the math is now half a million. They did not exactly design a four lane plan with a traffic signal. They just said it would cost extra. But if they can prove that the signal is safer then there is money out there for it.

I don't want to call it deception, because I have met the people working on this and they are sincere. But with the roundabout monies acquired and banked before the engineering firm was hired, can you honestly say this project wasn't colored from the beginning?

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