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Letter: Kasold changes

The City IS dedicating bike and shared paths. The 20 homes with driveways on Kasold will lose approximately 12 feet of their front yards. At least 15 of these homes will have their front yard and driveways reduced to approximately ONE CAR LENGTH. The city WILL take out the trees within that 12 feet, so the natural barrier between vehicle and living room will be removed.

Other than that I agree with Jill. I live on a cul-de-sac with the only exit to be Kasold. At peak times 6th street empties 11-12 cars at a time. Six deep in two lanes is not awful Twelve deep in a single lane is a nightmare. I noticed twelve deep each lane on Wakarusa at Harvard yesterday. I noticed because I was entering the back side of Pioneer Ridge. I held up cars at the stop sign behind me.

And lest not forget, Kasold a truck artery. Semi traffic happens with frequency. Include in the 11-12 vehicle count 1 semi and 6th street will become blocked.

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

read the letter to the editor dated Aug 31. She states pedestrian safety statistics.I do not have it in front of me and do not want to misquote;

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

I posted above but will post again. 15000 vehicles a day. Average of one accident every three months at Harvard. average of less than one accident every six months at 8th.

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

15,000 vehicles daily, 800 of which are heavy trucks (one semi every 15 minutes-I counted) I purchased from the LPD the accident records for both Harvard - average of one accident every three months- and 8th- average of less than one accident every six months. I only looked at the last 3 1/2 years.

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Letter: Kasold configuration

Thank you Pat. It seems counter intuitive to establish a roundabout with non-stop traffic flow, and a School Crossing that will indeed stop traffic within the aforesaid roundabout. We adults should not ask our children to pay for our mistakes.

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

Kasold is a City designated north/south heavy truck artery. Tad's Pizza will hardly be effected by the road diet because the strip mall will still have four lanes in front of it. But everyone who shops at Hy Vee will feel the increase in shipping rates when trucks are diverted to Iowa or the By-pass for these 8 blocks. And that is just Hy Vee. Trucks that daily travel from 31st and Iowa to the Farmer's Turnpike, All of them will have to divert with Plan A. The City count is 800-900 trucks a day.

There will be no reduction in cement in either plan. Rather there will an Increase of cement for the wider "shared path" design being recommended for Both plans.

Savings is 100% contingent of State grant monies.

Older reconstruction projects for Kasold show projections of increased traffic to 2025-one such projection doubles the number of vehicles. This reconstruction one does not show an increase at all. I am asking myself, what changed?

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Letter: Traffic expertise

Marilyn, the road will NOT necessarily go from four lanes to three. In May the City told us there are to be turn cut outs, not a turn lane. Granted I hope our comments then are why you call it three now, but I do not yet see this on their website as a "for sure" part of the plan.
Fred, when emergency vehicles travel along roads with bike lanes, bikers are expected to clear the roads same as drivers of cars.
Overall, I side with John McQuitty. Yes, we should be thinking "inclusively" about bikers on our streets. But not every detailed, thought through decision is an automatic yes Folks. There is so much more that Kasold offers to the other 95% that would be lost.
And personally, I thank the JW for keeping the conversation going, on the opinion page, because I cannot seem to get any letter I wish to write to the editor to be under 250 words.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

That was not the way it was explained to me. It was also stated in our meetings that the "third lane" is not a turn lane, but a median with turn cut-outs. I do agree with the traffic light added expense.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

The $1 million grant money is from the State and it is for 2 roundabouts, but the one planned at 8th has been thrown out of the plan. So it is more accurate to say it is a 1/2 million in grant monies. The opinion is split on whether those funds will be there when the reconstruction is slated to begin.

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Letter: Kasold plan support

Rebuild Kasold on the solid engineering that makes it efficient today.

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