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Letter: Traffic expertise

Marilyn, the road will NOT necessarily go from four lanes to three. In May the City told us there are to be turn cut outs, not a turn lane. Granted I hope our comments then are why you call it three now, but I do not yet see this on their website as a "for sure" part of the plan.
Fred, when emergency vehicles travel along roads with bike lanes, bikers are expected to clear the roads same as drivers of cars.
Overall, I side with John McQuitty. Yes, we should be thinking "inclusively" about bikers on our streets. But not every detailed, thought through decision is an automatic yes Folks. There is so much more that Kasold offers to the other 95% that would be lost.
And personally, I thank the JW for keeping the conversation going, on the opinion page, because I cannot seem to get any letter I wish to write to the editor to be under 250 words.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

That was not the way it was explained to me. It was also stated in our meetings that the "third lane" is not a turn lane, but a median with turn cut-outs. I do agree with the traffic light added expense.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

The $1 million grant money is from the State and it is for 2 roundabouts, but the one planned at 8th has been thrown out of the plan. So it is more accurate to say it is a 1/2 million in grant monies. The opinion is split on whether those funds will be there when the reconstruction is slated to begin.

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Letter: Kasold plan support

Rebuild Kasold on the solid engineering that makes it efficient today.

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Editorial: Kasold options

I think cutting off one's nose to spite one's face is as ridiculous as reducing Kasold to one lane each direction.

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Longtime Lawrence activist recalls 1972 fight for women’s rights

Thank you. For caring, for acting on your convictions, for taking a stand. No matter what our opinions may be, we should all step up to the plate and stand for what we believe in.

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Letter: Preference for Putin?

Good grief people. Do you not recognize good cop bad cop strategy when you see it?

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Letter: Kobach questions

This is Definitely Not Hyperbole nor is it Undocumented.. Kobach's office confirms the number of voters in suspension under his new criteria to be 12,000. Reason for this action stated by Kobach himself-the prevalence of voter fraud. Number of confirmed cases of voter fraud in Kansas-3. The overreach is not being done by the "left", unless you are directionally challenged. But you are correct when you say this is dividing the state. Have you checked your own registry? I did.

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Letter: Wasted effort

Mental illness has treatment options. Hatred is educated. Either way, there is a solution.

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