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Firefighters respond to smoke at Ladybird Diner; towels in basement dryer were cause

Hang in there Mama Meg. L-Town loves you!

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Lawrence officials hear concerns over Kasold Drive reconstruction; project faces slight delay

You can search the JW for past articles. That might be better than asking someone here. We all have our opinions.

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Letter: Useless plan

Thank you Marcia for again bringing up the bus route. I believe that a bus running North/ South on Kasold would offer a solution to many of the lengthy route issues. From Peterson to 31st, according to my T map, a route on Kasold would connect with the 3,6,7,9,10,11, 29, and 30. Really a surprising oversight IMHO

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Letter: Plan makes no sense

SINCE Kasold has been built/reconstructed over the years for heavy and increasing traffic and since the engineering plan proposed by this out sourced company neglected this piece of information, AND SINCE this same company failed to see a driveway in their aerial plans NOR project future traffic increase because they did not create a plan for trucks on an established truck artery (those projections are opposed to all other previous projections BTW), AND SINCE this company believes that eight blocks restructured to accommodate minority traffic patterns vs majority traffic patterns, in the smack dab middle of close to 35 well designed and well built blocks that do accommodate the traffic patterns quite well and have done so for over 20 years:: Well..., pardon me for not supporting this project in it's entirety (yes I reject both plans!) even if I do see the good in riding a bicycle. Back to the drawing board you go, Gentlemen!!

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Letter: Plan makes no sense

The project design for Kasold will NOT decrease land covered by cement even with the "road diet". So the question I ask my self is-what is the best use of concrete? And then I make my decision.

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New Italian deli and market coming to west Lawrence; informal survey finds neighbors dislike proposed Kasold changes

Chad, I bought the LPD records for number of accidents at each intersection. Less than one every six months at 8th and one every three months at Harvard.(averages) I agree with above writers, commissioned planners did NOT plan for future traffic correctly, no matter how you look at the future. And the turn lane , we were told at the resident meeting in May, is to be turn cut outs not a full lane, due to the street lights in the median..

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Kansas City man arrested following pursuit and crash in southwest Lawrence

Mike you are a breath of fresh air! What a well written report! Concise yet detailed and no opinion just facts. Thank you!!!

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Letter: Kasold changes

The City IS dedicating bike and shared paths. The 20 homes with driveways on Kasold will lose approximately 12 feet of their front yards. At least 15 of these homes will have their front yard and driveways reduced to approximately ONE CAR LENGTH. The city WILL take out the trees within that 12 feet, so the natural barrier between vehicle and living room will be removed.

Other than that I agree with Jill. I live on a cul-de-sac with the only exit to be Kasold. At peak times 6th street empties 11-12 cars at a time. Six deep in two lanes is not awful Twelve deep in a single lane is a nightmare. I noticed twelve deep each lane on Wakarusa at Harvard yesterday. I noticed because I was entering the back side of Pioneer Ridge. I held up cars at the stop sign behind me.

And lest not forget, Kasold a truck artery. Semi traffic happens with frequency. Include in the 11-12 vehicle count 1 semi and 6th street will become blocked.

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

read the letter to the editor dated Aug 31. She states pedestrian safety statistics.I do not have it in front of me and do not want to misquote;

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Lawrence engineers recommending lane reduction for stretch of Kasold Drive

I posted above but will post again. 15000 vehicles a day. Average of one accident every three months at Harvard. average of less than one accident every six months at 8th.

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