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City issuing free garden plots to community members

Bob, As a returning gardener to the Garden Incubator in John Taylor park, let me say that we give to the Ballard Center every season. If you look at what you want to grow and consider square foot gardening you will have a real idea of what size plot you need.

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Lawrence resident's antique camera full of century-old mysteries

Could you print a few and have a showing at the Arts Center? I would love to see them.

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Salvation Army kettle donations way down this year

I am going to disagree with you Bob. I have had many experiences with Salvation Army in Lawrence. I disdain proselytizing, but I never felt it here. Joyful Harvest in Topeka gives a service while the volunteers set up the food bank. Now THAT's proselytizing!

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Letter: Wrong plan

I am surprised at how much construction in our historic downtown, and the massive change in east Lawrence, rarely mentions buildings on the Register. In the drive to improve there needs to remain a marriage between new and old if we are truly going to Keep Lawrence, Lawrence.

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Letter: Roundabouts

The Wakarusa roundabout lane size was built according to the Federal Guidelines. According to those guidelines, fire trucks are expected to take both lanes, entering from the inside lane and exiting into the inside lane, but straddling the line within the roundabout..

I have witnessed an exit into an outside lane thereby changing lanes within the roundabout.
It was necessary due to their ultimate destination. And that will increase when Pioneer Ridge independent living in fully operational, though I wish no ill on those residents when I say this.

In general those lanes will be empty for a fire trucks. But, those same federal guidelines also state that cars are allowed to come to a complete stop WITHIN a two lane roundabout when a fire truck is passing through and has its emergency lights and sirens in use.

I have heard second hand that Mr. Nugent "signed off "on roundabouts because the fire trucks and buses are the same length. Therefore, given the fact that fire trucks will take both lanes, buses will do the same.

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KDOT plans to keep K-10, Clinton Parkway access open but would build new interchange

I hope they keep Farmer's Turnpike open. If it closes, those trucks will come down 6th street to Kasold and turn north in order to get to Lakeview Business Park. If you want a true "By-Pass" Farmer's Turnpike should remain open as a part of that plan.

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East Ninth Project committee discusses truck route, possible 'recreational path'

I applaud not moving the truck route. And I hear some thoughtful ideas here that I truly appreciate. I do wish we would cement less of everything we seem to plan these days. Having to plan for green space in order to "feel" organic, seems to miss the very definition of the word. But to open up the trail to downtown and keep the truck route sounds good.

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Lawrence school board to review changes to school traffic and crosswalks

School Board and City Commission both would like to hear your concerns. You are absolutely right. There is a stop sign on Wakarusa but it gets less traffic as most students live east of the high school and there is not enough control of traffic at Folks and Overland.

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Letter: Kasold safety

sorry it took me so long. I hope you see this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyJt5...

If this were Harvard and Kasold you would have to add one more street into the roundabout and 20 more vehicles into this video, with at least one of them being a Semi. There is a similar video that followed when I watched this that had a bus in the same roundabout. Since Kasold is a direct route from the bus barn to Bob Billings we have bus traffic even though we don't have the luxury of a route to serve us.

I can only speak for me. But when I watch this video, I can't breathe.

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