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The snowy winter brings a national weather milestone

We are so obsessed with ourselves that we just dont care. Americans consume 25-30% of the world resources and yet have no shame about it. On the contrary we believe as if out of the millions of years of existence of only humans deserve it and will take it at any cost. In reality, most of us basically exist, live and consume resources of this world and give nothing back to the world. Pure parasites.
We all know how merciless, the weather can be. When it destroys, it kills everything. Know about the dinosaurs? Be it the asteroid or whatever, when it changes it has no stopping. Be a little humble about it, my friends.
Its a generation of entitlement. Its sad. Unfortunately the future generations will pay for it, unless we accelerate climate change so bad that we pay for it in our lifetime too.

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Do you approve of a plan to give Kansas prison inmates limited access to online banking, e-mail and video family visitations? Authorities say the move will improve security and reduce contraband.

You may call it prison or correctional facility, it has become big business. No other country incarcerates as many people of their country as the US. Which may or may not be bad but the fact remains, how do you rehabilitate them into our society without them hurting us.
Giving internet connection or contact with outside world will definitely help them and not hurt them. Imagine all the friends you have got in the room are menacing crooks and you don't want their company, where do you go? I am all up for it, even if we can save one life from the criminal activities he may get associated with it after he gets released.
Its not a question of privilege or punishment its a matter of the nation's duty to try "correcting" them.

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Cordley student wins statewide healthy eating contest

yay! you go kid! Healthy eating starts at home.

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Former KU student Cem Basoflas pleads guilty in animal cruelty case, may face deportation

The accused must have a right to defense and get a fair trial. If found guilty by a court of law, he must be sentenced according to the law of the land, where the purported crime was committed.
The ambiguity lies in the procedure. Once pronounced guilty of a felony, the federal officials have the authority to deport any alien to his native country. On the other hand, the courts have the authority to go ahead with the sentencing and send him to prison.
Such blatant generalized comments like, "deport all immigrants" and comparisons between slaughterhouse killing and animal cruelty are immaterial.
That being said, vegetarianism definitely is a less cruel way of life than meat eating.

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Father says alcohol killed son, urges KU fraternity to ban drinking

Definitely no parents would ever want to face this situation.
You cannot treat a 19 yr old like a baby, 'cause he is old enough to know the ill-effects of binge drinking. Unfortunately, alcohol impairs sound judgment and apparently he just couldn't stop.

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Father says alcohol killed son, urges KU fraternity to ban drinking

Personal responsibility is the key here. The guy got overboard. Nobody around him thought to stop him. But I wouldn't blame it one anyone else. Feel sorry for him and his parents, friends and relatives. A sober reminder for all of us.

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When cold was really cold

Cool story. I am shivering in 32 F, and I don't want to imagine what these bunch went through1

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Easy choice

It is pretty sad to know that people still engage in this offense. I commend the editorial board for voicing this.

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In style and substance, Jindal’s speech panned

Jindal is a smart man and smart politician too. He became the Governor of a pretty conservative state. He chose to follow a different religion than his Hindu parents. He was the state health secy. at the age of 24 and turned around a perenially money loser into fiscally viable organization with surplus within 3 years. I have heard that the guy is absolutely good with numbers and figures and data. He is known to be a town hall meeting kinda guy. So it would be foolish to write him off so soon.
There is no doubt that his response was pretty weak to Obama's speech but then there is hardly any better speaker in the country than the President himself right now.

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