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Borders store in downtown Lawrence to close by end of April as part of bankruptcy; 27 to lose jobs

I really liked Borders, and I thought the staff was very friendly, courteous, and helpful
I also thought their selection was good, too. I did have to order a few books,but what
is a couple of days?
I am amazed, though, that I didn't read even one comment blaming Walmart. I guess
you crazy libs have moved on!

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Douglas County makes case for tax hike

Mr. Wine Dog needs to sober up and see what he is doing.
We, the citizens of Douglas Co., should NOT become known
as "the Business and Developers Taxpayer funded Bank of
Douglas County".

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Snakes alive! (And dead)

Snakes don't frighten me that much, it's those darned spiders,
crickets and those horrible yard gnomes!

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Study: Habitual parking violators downtown rack up thousands in unpaid fines

When I was in my 30's, I racked up numerous parking tickets-maybe 15 to 20 of them-
but paid no mind . I stuffed them in the glove box, the ashtray, my purse, pockets, whatever.
I did not pay them. This was in a small town in Calif. One evening when I was taking a
wonderful bubble bath, the phone rang, my husband answered. Pretty soon he comes
running into the bathroom telling me that if he didn't IMMEDIATELY go and pay these
tickets he would be arrested. He went. He paid. He came back. This was over 30 years ago and he still gets angry when he thinks about that day. Since then, I have only gotten 2 parking tickets, here in Lawrence, and I paid them immediately.

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Lawrence school board votes to move up 6th graders, 9th graders in 2011

I am from California, and way back in my day we attended a K-8, and then
went to a 9-12 high school. In 7th and 8th grades we had home room in the mornings, and in the afternoons we changed classes.
We had no problem, that is just the way it was. You just go with the flow,
and do what you need to do.
We had art, music, and drama, although probably not to the extent we have nowadays.
My art teacher was named Mr. Lawrence. He made me sit in the corner with a "dunce" hat on one day because I was talking too much to a friend!!

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Tea party supporters rally for lower taxes, smaller government

My husband and I attended the tea party last night and it was very nice and interesting.
It is not that most of us don't want ANY taxes, we just want to have some money left, as we are retired and have limited income. No one there was rowdy, offensive, disagreeable oofish, obnoxious beligerant, soused, crazy, or whatever words you liberals want to use.
There were whites, blacks, latinos, and asians there. We all got along fine.
They had an amazing tribute to all current, and past members of the military. It was a great experience, and I am looking forward to many more.

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Winter weather advisory expires as snowfall tapers off

I just came back inside after taking pictures of this
beautiful snow. I sent them to my daughter and sister
in Calif. They just don't know what they are missing.
I can hardly wait for enough snow to make "snowcream".
I love, love, love this nice wet snow!

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Did President Obama do enough to earn the Nobel Peace Prize he won?

I'll bet ACORN somehow influenced the judges!

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Butterfly antennas key to navigation

What happened to the poor little butterflys who had their antenae amputated or coated with black enamel? How many butterflys had this done to them?

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Case for health care reform is pressed at City Hall

I just like to call him BO--because most of his
plans and ideas just plain STINK!!!

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