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Firebirds No. 1 in new poll; Chiefs name Lisher coach of the week

Pride/ego/stupidity huh? Well now, that doesn't sound like the Coach Lisher I have known, loved, and respected since I was eight years old. How about this, instead of putting down Lisher, let's commend the LHS team on their talent. I know it is easy to be a critic in the stands, kujayhawk, but instead of bring people down, perhaps you can congratulate the LHS team on a great win. When you say things like "his pride/ego/stupidity got in the way" then you sir sound stupid. The boys love playing for him, that is why there are at least three south-side residents on the Free State Varsity Football roster.

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Rec center will add $6M to economy, report says

Why would they make a large sports complex at the SLT when both Free State and Lawrence High already have their sports complexes? Free State and Lawrence high have their soccer fields, baseball fields, tennis courts, and football fields already. There is no reason to have a larger sports complex at the SLT.

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Rec center will add $6M to economy, report says

I am tired of people trolling on the Fritzels. They do a lot for this community and are very generous with their money.

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Town Talk: Discount Tire to open store near Sixth and Wakarusa; retail development west of Sixth and Congressional scrapped; Dillons gives 'sneak peek' of new store with Facebook video

I would however love a drive-thru Starbucks. Because that will mean long lines at that Starbucks, and no lines at the Starbucks in Dillions

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Lawrence man, 29, sentenced to prison for sexually assaulting 13-year-old girl

Loreniiii, where did you go to school? Who was your English teacher in high school? "I am not even going their with you number 1 grandma" people will have more respect for your opinions if you are able to understand the difference between their, there and they're. Until you are able to spell properly and are able to use punctuation in a sentence, no one, and I mean no one, will be willing to listen to your rants. I cannot even read what you are saying just because it hurts too much to look at. You won't get far in this world if you cannot use proper grammar. They have this cool new software called 'spell check'. Use it my friend.

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