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New report: Kansas highway system No. 2 in nation

Dear LJWorld Ads.
I have no idea what a mirror-less camera is, let alone the difference from a SLR. or was it DSLR?

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Mexican restaurant Tapas closes as it loses lease on downtown building; Mexquisito expands into Eudora

Went to Mexquisito once, and it was terrible. Where are my free chips and salsa?

I've frequented Tapas many times, and Gus was a great manager. Went back when i came back to Kansas in December, and the staff definitely declined. Now it makes sense.

If all else fails, Cilieto Lindo.

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Police respond to post-game disturbances

You guys think this is bad? Please tune into the Lexington Police scanner. That includes you LJWorld.

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Do you support a move to reinstate happy hour at Kansas bars, restaurants and clubs?

Happy hour sounds cool, but to go to bars where there are great drink specials, and be able to do it in the afternoon, without all the craziness, yet enjoy the same prices.

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C Jay back for centennial celebration of the Jayhawk

Ditto, Curtis. He just gets me with his cute scrawny legs.

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Twice baked: Famed cupcake chef chooses Lawrence for second shop

As long as you don't forget to try Cupcake Construction as well.

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My friend convinced me to come to this place. I had the penne abruzzi with chicken instead of meatballs. It was by far the best Italian food I've had in Lawrence, and a great price. So delicious. And one meal has currently lasted me four.
Thank you for being so awesome and helpful with my dislike of meatballs!

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Olive Garden’s future cloudy after board rejects financial incentives

How about go across the street to Paisano's?

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What are the Best Lawrence Deals for Mother's Day?

Coldstone- free ice cream for Mom.

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Royals 2011 Season Preview Part III - The Rotation

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