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Lab on KU's West Campus re-opened after morning evacuation

Get ready for a lot of this in the future. KU is in the middle of combining housing and facilities staff and those at the "top" have no idea what kind of maintenance is need to keep up with the needs of a campus with the outdated equipment that they have. Many employees that were great at the job that they do have been moved to other areas that they have no expertise in. I hope the money the university payed Huron Consulting Group pays off. Looks like major costs caused by a waste of resources.

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Oil patch near Vinland sees boon with increase in crude prices

A boon huh? Sounds serious!

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What's that thing on the 6News Towercam?

Mutated frog/dragonfly. Probably drank water from the Kaw.

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Police use Taser and pepper spray to detain driver after brief chase

The dog looked reeeeaaaaaal aggressive

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Food To Beat the Heat!

For the beverage we make Bul. It is a cuban cooler.

12 oz. pale ale
12 oz. ginger ale (Blue Sky from the Merc is GREAT)
6 oz. lime juice (key lime is best)
pour over ice in a sugar rimmed glass and your cool.
I swear it drops your core temp 10 degrees instantly ;)

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Two counts of murder filed against 16-year-old in weekend shooting

Ok here it goes. Read it for what it is. The education is not the issue. The upbringing of a child that is given the chance and the support needed to gain an education is the issue. A child with that kind of support would be LESS likely to be involved in an early morning shooting. Its simple logic. I am very sad for the families involved and it is very tragic. I am only stating experiences I have had in other areas of the country. The entire country is in trouble and we are part of this country. I am not saying this doesn't happen elsewhere,I am saying this is a sign of things to come. Especially in an over taxed, "we are to good for this to happen here" city. I am not looking to be attacked myself by commenting, just speaking my mind as an American citizen that has the right to freedom of speech.

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Two counts of murder filed against 16-year-old in weekend shooting

As a whole, people that are educated have ethics,morals,and value human life because they had the opportunity to get the education as well as someone who cared for them enough to help them get the education.

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