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What do you do to stay in shape and keep yourself healthy?

Ms. Fetterman doesn't believe that eating meat "besides fish" is meant for people. I can live with this I know there are other ways to obtain nourishment. But its the part about believe that fish and dairy are meant for people but beef and chicken aren't.

Seriously, you drink cow's milk? Do you think cow's milk is meant for people? I drink cow's milk even though I know it's not meant for people. But it's fine for me to do so because I don't discriminate between meats

Rather though... If I suggested Ms. Alex rethink what is and isn't meant for people she might start drinking human breast milk... I'll drink cow's milk, and I'll eat the cow too.

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Bucky's Drive In closes after long run

I ate at Bucky's two or three times in my 3 years at KU. I liked their fries, but the portions were very small. I also liked the burger I had there. It reminded me of a cheap knock-off on a Braums burger.

As for Braums coming up to Lawrence I don't see that happening, but if Lawrence had had a Braums while I was around I'd be fat right now. Now Houston doesn't have Braums either, but you can bet I'll be eating Braums when I travel home for Christmas

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A Teen's Best Christmas Gift

I do think it's a little ridiculous that a parent has to administer drug testing to his/her children.

I can maybe see this as a solution if the parent has confronted the child on several occasions inquiring about whether the child has been dabbling or not, and the child vehemently denies and subsequently ingnores the parent. But honestly, if it comes to that point then the child should understand that the parent already knows there is a problem so testing should be unnecessary.

It really shouldn't be necessary for a parent to drug test their children and in many families it could really harm the relationship between parent and child. I'm not talking about parents being buddies with their kids rather than disciplinarians because I believe in firm discipline just as I received from my father. If your kid comes home late from a friends party or from after-prom and you suspect he's been drinking there are better ways of uncovering the truth. And when you do uncover the truth... punish the kid, otherwise you're not fixing the problem.

Parents need to make their stance obvious, and there are ways to do that without losing your childs trust or causing your child to avoid you. Drug testing is not the answer.

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What was your favorite childhood toy?

I loved my GI Joes. I also liked making Lego cities. Was pretty fond of Micro-Machines as well. I definitely loved my cap guns too.

My brother and I had these double barrell shotguns and the cartridges were shaped like real shotgun shells, of course they were much much smaller being for little kids. But it was emphasized that they were not to be treated like toys. We had to watch all the Eddie Eagle NRA Gun Safety videos and such. Our dad actually got us lots of "replica" weaponry/military stuff and we enjoyed playing war games and the like. We had these Air 17 BBguns that looked like mini assault rifles. They are still cool. But I remember the days my brother and I climbed into the attic in the shed and found Dad's old Daisy BB gun, I must have been in around 6th grade but we killed a bird that day and I felt awful because I never thought we'd actually hit it. The only guns we were allowed to shoot at eachother were the nerf rockets and those kind of guns.

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Have higher energy costs affected the way you heat your home?

I tured the a/c off in my apartment. I open the windows at night to let the heat out so that it cools down overnight. Usually gets to around 67-70. Then I close them before work if the temp is going to be about 75. IF it gets cold here in Houston I will not turn my heater on until I absolutely have to.
The great thing about apartment living, which I learned while living in Meadowbrook my sophomore year, is that I have people below me and on three sides of me who all will be using their heaters. I've found that usually I will draw enough heat off of them that I don't have to heat my own room. Don't tell my neighbors, please.

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Who did you vote for in the 1988 presidential election?

I was 4 years and nearly 2 months old for super-Tuesday '88.

Now I'm a chemical engineer in Houston and I am not so sure I know more about who's running in '08 than I did in '88. I guess there's still time for me to register and vote, if I ever feel like doing my research. Truth is, I think we're headed downhill either way, and it won't get better till it gets really really bad. So maybe I should vote for who I think would be the worst president of the USA.

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Do you think there is any skill involved in playing rock, paper, scissors?

There is definitely skill in flicking boogers. You have to roll them around in your fingers just long enough that they have elasticity thus giving them extra bounce from the flick, and they have to be just sticky enough that they optimize on the elasticity without sticking too much.

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Do you think there is any skill involved in playing rock, paper, scissors?

Is the ear candle cheating because it uses heat to melt the wax and suction to fluidize the wax? It's really an engineered advantage...

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Should the Jayhawk football team be No. 1 in the rankings?

if we keep winning the ranking will take care of itself. What matters now is that we've gotten plenty of media attention. People know who we are now and we can take full advantage of that if we can win the Conference. First things first, we have to beat Iowa State, then we can start talking about a trip to the Big XII Championship. And as long as we get there, anything is possible.

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Fight in Lawrence might have led to shooting in Kansas City, police say

An 18 y/o kid died in the hospital after a shooting and you guys are accusing and attacking his character. Sure if no one died then it would be hard in a case like this to identify who's a criminal and who's a victim. But when I hear news like this, I start to realize that all of them may be both. In fact we are all both in a lot of ways.

So lets give a little respect to his friends and family, and maybe say a prayer for them if you have it in you. Thanks

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