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Pothole relief on the horizon

Can we get some relief over in N. Lawrence, please? The detour has ruined our neighborhood roads.

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Lawrence Farmers' Market seeking community input on whether to ban live animals

If I can't take my dog with me, then I am less likely to go. It's an outdoor event, and my dogs are like my family. I take them out when it's sunny and nice. I'm tired of all the rules in this town. Have some tolerance, people!!! And, watch the Dog Whisperer if you're a dog owner. You'll be amazed by what you can learn to train yourself. :)

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Lawrence elementary school lunches

None of this is what I call food.

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Walmart gets "Home Trends" right with this line

WalMart is a cancer that keeps spreading. If we really care about our children's future, we have got to stop WalMart and other corporations from the devastating practice of having everything made in China and then shipped to us. It's an environmental nightmare and cannot be sustained. Not to mention the jobs that are eliminated here and the measly indentured servitude jobs that are created overseas. There IS a cost that won't show up on any accounting books. That is the environmental and human cost. Stop shopping there. It's not cheap, at all. There IS a HIGH cost to LOW prices. And then, start thinking about where your other goods come from, and the TRUE costs of those, too. Dis-ease is not only inflicted by WalMart, but that system is the biggest cancer.

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Report finds immunization rates for American adults dismal, far behind children's rates

Take a look at how many doctors are AGAINST vaccines.

Also, my mother landed in the hospital and almost died after taking her first flu shot. This article is propaganda.

"• Misunderstanding. Many adults are misinformed about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines."

Oh, really? Many doctors happen to be adults, and they are also misinformed about vaccines. Are there ANY studies to show the synchronization effects of multiple vaccines? No. Doctors largely only treat symptoms and never attempt to find and remove the cause of illness. Allopathic medicine is a paradigm and approach to treating illness that lands more people in their graves than most wars. They call it iatrogenic causes of death. Most doctors essentially know nothing about health and the creation of it.

Journal World. Please stop fear-mongering and trying to get people to eat more pills and put foreign substances into their blood. PLEASE, stop!

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Opponents of state’s death penalty law mobilizing

Hey MrRightWing,

Did it ever occur to you that Dr. Tiller was the last resort for many women who needed an abortion? Notice, I didn't say CHOOSE. The indirect effect of losing a doctor like Dr. Tiller is that more women will die from a lack of HEALTH CARE services. If a woman has an ectopic pregnancy, I suppose you're against removing the pregancy? Get real. There are real needs for abortion and you would know that if you did your homework.

Back on topic, it should not be the business of the state to execute people. I am not a religious person saying this. It should not be anybody's job to lead these walking dead men and women to their last breath. The psychological ramifications of carrying out such orders has a negative social cost. This is something that is NEVER brought up in debate.

The costs of litigation to execute is overwhelmingly unnecessary and misappropriated. Just because an execution seems to correlate with dropping murder rates in Texas, that does not equate it to a deterrent, nor does it improve the quality of anyone's life within the broader society.

Our society seems to think that caging up people is beneficial. Of course, it is beneficial to all of the money hungry industries that revolve around the prison systems. They need more "disposable humans" to feed the insatiable appetite of the machine.

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Cavern tavern: The Cave carves out a massive new nightclub beneath The Oread

“I totally understand those feelings,” says Longhurst.

No, it is very clear to me that you do NOT understand my feelings.

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Cavern tavern: The Cave carves out a massive new nightclub beneath The Oread

This place represents to me what is wrong with capitalism. My heart breaks every time I see that monstrosity.

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49-year-old Topeka man dies from H1N1 flu virus, bringing state total to 24

The flu doesn't kill. Bad health does. The flu is the body's attempt to get rid of all the foreign matter in the body. Then, people get drugs to stop the symptoms, the very symptoms that are the body's attempt to expel the bad stuff, and the body now has more of a burden to clean up. Some bodies just can't take it, anymore, and succumb to death. Stop the fear-mongering!!!

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