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Brownback's tax proposal on the ropes

Appears that the guv's plan is DOA.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback unveils budget; recommends state funding of local SRS office, $200k in arts funding

Really enjoying the conservative comments - it's great to read posts that are unencumbered by the thought process.

If the governor proposes $200,000 for the "arts" - and $110,000 of that pays for the Film Commission staff - isn't he really offering only $90,000?

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Street precedent

Really, LJW? Really?

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SRS Secretary Siedlecki steps down, returning to Florida

My prayers have been answered! Only nine more to go...

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Kansans support current tax rates, more school funding, according to survey

excellent information!

will the governor listen? probably not. he listens to a *higher* power.

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Brownback declares "A Week of Reconciliation," urges Kansans to settle their differences

When the guv admits that he's wrong about cutting funding for the arts, listening to Koch & Co., and hiring a bunch of nitwits for cabinet secretaries, we'll consider forgiving him.

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Revenue secretary headed to western Kansas to hear views on overhauling state tax code

Secretary Jordan has visited western Kansas "as revenue secretary;" he toured Fort Hays State University on October 13th, where he talked with faculty and administration about taxes and the possibility of universities creating businesses to help fund their operations.

Why does this governor and his administration continue to lie?

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Organizational void

Excellent editorial. It's not just about the money - we need qualified people to run the organization.

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Statehouse Live: SRS Secretary Siedlecki will request funding for Lawrence office in budget recommendation

"Siedlecki said in his final budget recommendation to Brownback, he would include a request for funds to operate the five locally financed SRS offices."

This does not mean that the governor will accept Siedlecki's recommendation; the guv can easily cut it before submitting his proposed budget to the legislature.

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City Commission to consider tax abatement for Grandstand to make move to East Hills Business Park

Yes, drake, having businesses pay property taxes is fair. In Kansas, commercial property taxes are based on market value, size, and improvements to the property. And our property taxes are not unreasonably higher than other states' taxes. If a business cannot afford to hire employees or pay its taxes, then the owners need to figure out why their product isn't earning more profit.

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