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Brownback's budget director Anderson resigns

The accounting firm mentioned in this article is actually his mother, Mary Anderson's, firm in Osborne, Kansas. He doesn't work or live there. I understand that he plans on returning to Oklahoma to "spend more time with family."

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Regents blast higher education budget cuts approved by Legislature, say tuition will increase, call on Brownback to veto portion of cuts

Yes, you are correct, Toe. Education is not a priority in a 21st century global economy.

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Kansas Action for Children criticizes Brownback's plan to divert funds from children's endowment

Under Brownback's tax plan, everyone loses - except for Charlie and Dave Koch.

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Lawrence meeting churns ideas for new Arts Industries Commission

Good to see that the "stop taking my 25 cent for the arts" folks are posting, as usual. The arts are about more than jobs - the arts make communities vibrant, livable places that people choose to move to. The arts also teach 21st century work force skills.

So yeah, do all that, but don't make consumer1 or IKU57 pay for it. They sure need that quarter.

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Plan would fund Kansas Capitol center

Is this why KDOT "laid off" 40 employees - to pay for a capitol visitor's center? Hey, Sam, I don't believe that this project is a "core function of government."

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Large crowd gathers at Statehouse rally for religious freedom

It's interesting how the Catholic Church learned the concept of "messaging" from conservative republicans. Too bad they can't re-brand pedophilia.

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KU's business school dean stresses need for new, updated building

The dean is correct: KU's School of Business needs a proper building - and it needed one 20 years ago. Racist, ignorant comments won't negate that.

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Kobach confirms he's an unpaid adviser to Romney

How much longer can Kobach serve as the state's election official?

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Brownback says lawmakers warned about open meetings law

Interesting how the governor's staff responds to this accusation. The new, improved version of events is more flimsy than the first.

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Kansas Republicans critical of Obama's address

"Porkukus" and "class warfare.". Wow, I haven't heard those terms used since I listened to Rush Limbaugh 20 years ago.

+1 for original ideas

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