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Common Core standards will soon be a thing of the past in Kansas

Have to keep the children ignorant, otherwise they will never vote republican.

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Letter to the editor: U.S. needs unity

Obvious rita is as brain dead as fran.

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Letter to the editor: Christian values

Excellent letter. Explains the foundation of our country much better than the so-called "christian" Fran Johnson. Don't know her nor care to ever associate with anyone like her.

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Letter to the editor: U.S. needs unity

Brock, seldom agree with your posts, but this one is definitely spot on. Especially the last 3 paragraphs. Those are exactly what the so-called "christians" fail to understand.

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Online survey testing the waters for proposed name change at South Middle School

Agree wtih Francis. The group needs to pay for all costs IN ADVANCE. No taxpayers funds should be involved.How many more schools will want change their names if taxpayers get ripped off for this one,

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Downtown shooting causes city commissioner to talk about ... panhandlers; are city leaders ready to tackle gun issues?

Herbert just lost my vote. Anyone stupid enough to think panhandling, a problem, is far more of a problem than gun violence to downtown, doesn't deserve to be a public official.

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Grandparents challenge Kansas child immunization mandate

Maybe the state should take total custody away from them and give temporary custody to a responsible family. Sounds like entire family is not competent or responsible. Why were the child taken into state custody in the first place?

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Colyer preparing to take over as Kansas governor

He's a brownie flunky, that's all I need to know to identify as a worthless P.O.S.

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Jenkins, Yoder support banning 'bump stock' weapon accessory

Maybe we should simply ban all GOP elected officials, especially those owned by the NRA. Then something sensible could be done.

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Letter to the editor: Not in workplace

You ignored this when I posted it on a previous comment of yours. Can I try again? Maybe you'll get over your "outrage" and answer this time. "How many of their games do you attend? How many of their sponsors will you boycott? How much of their licensed material have you purchased?"

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