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Choice clarified

"Libertarian is just code for I only care about myself. Make sure you know what you stand for before using that moniker."

BunE - good point. Really, I am only libertarian on social issues. Why do people care so much about what OTHER people do with their own private lives? It's mind boggling.

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Choice clarified

Are we liberals or feminazis? The nazis were anything but liberal. As a libertarian (not a nazi or liberal), I am all for NOT telling other people what to do with their reproductive decisions. period.

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Choice clarified

Allateup - as long as that choice does not include termination. Birthright is absolutely a 'pro-life' organization. One of their sayings is that 'every child has a right to be born'. Ask any girl or woman who has gone in for a 'free' pregnancy test and been told they are going to hell if they abort. To suggest that Birthright is pro-choice is laughable.

Why do many pro-life people want to hide their true intentions? If your cause is so noble as to risk the finances of your business by placing a fetus tree in your lobby, then stand up and be proud! You must feel pretty strongly about something to risk offending a good percentage of your clientele. Just call yourself a pro-life gym and heathens like myself and Ms. Jones will gladly stay far away!

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Fitness club members criticize tree with Birthright message

nanastem - where do you work now (if you feel comfortable saying)? I am currently looking for a new hairstylist since I *used* to get my hair cut at color salon. I would love to support a single working mom in a REAL way.

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Fitness club members criticize tree with Birthright message

I am also a soon to be former member of BB. The owner was only conciliatory after the press got involved. She was very rude and callous towards the people who complained. She had no plans to take down the abortion tree and told the members who didn't like it they could cancel their memberships. It was her gym and she'd do what she wanted.

As for Birthright - they once locked a friend of mine in a room for 2 hours and forced her to watch anti-abortion films all the while telling her she was going to hell. A wolf in sheep's clothing. She went in for the 'free pregnancy test'. Thankfully, it came back negative or who knows what they would have done. This was years ago and not in Lawrence, so the Lawrence chapter may not do this. But to say that Birthright does not have an agenda is ridiculous!

Who doesn't know that women feel very strongly about this issue? I don't buy for a minute that she didn't mean to offend anyone. Fetuses on a Christmas tree? That is beyond sensationalistic and offends me as a woman, a mother and a Christian. Anyone with any business sense knows to keep politics and religion out of their business. This woman is making money in spite of herself.

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