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KU Chancellor urges Nebraska, Missouri to stick with Big 12 Conference

Kansas University wouldn't have a shot in the PAC 10. KU is weakkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

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Friends seek ghost bike memorial for hit-and-run victim

I think until the bicyclists start obeying the rules of the road, nothing should be done. Running stop signs, stop lights, traveling down city streets after dark with no lights to make them visible to the drivers, as well as riding two to four abreast on the county roads with two lanes and don't move over to the right to allow others to pass need to be cited.

This is a moot issue..... Cite them all !!!!!!!!!

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FINAL: Oklahoma overwhelms Kansas, 35-13


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One transported to hospital after two-car accident at 900 Iowa

Well put all,

This is just one more paper for the urinal as usual....

I can see all you above agree on my thoughts.....

Glad I don't pay the money for this paper, if you want the real scoop you have to read the article in the Star, or the Topeka Capitol, as these papers are fair and unbiased.

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Palin links her resignation to ‘higher calling’

Here goes the self-righteous O'Mama supporters gloating again....

The main thing is that she has done more for Alaska in her short term than O'mama Hussein has did since January...... I'm sorry since he has been in politics.

Sounds like a Donkey Dung competition and they are making an A** of themselves.......

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Do you approve of a plan to give Kansas prison inmates limited access to online banking, e-mail and video family visitations? Authorities say the move will improve security and reduce contraband.

Hell bring them all to Lawrence, that will be punishment enough. Meanwhile they will find people who will bend over backwards to help them, and to preach Hippism to them. What a GRAND IDEA.....

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New face in town diving in to school board race

Oh no another bleeding heart social worker like we don't already have enough in this city...... Next Please.....

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Once busy Kansas oil rigs now sit idle

Quit your whining and start pumping! I don't care if it's .50 cents a barrel, you people stole from the American Citizens when it was high, so now live with the low prices and start pumping. I could care less if the companies have to lay off all their employees, you people made enough money for each of you to buy your own island anywhere in the world.

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Do you support the death penalty?

With all the whining going on here, lets just let all the mopes out of jail and they can stay with all the squish-heads here in Lawrence that do not believe in the death penalty and also believe each are just misunderstood souls.

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Sebelius considered to be a top contender for three cabinet positions

PogoThis will be one incompetent stooge helping another another incompetent stooge! They will be right for each other.

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