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Lawrence woman has made self-advocacy her life's work

Great article Kathy. Keep up the good work and I'll see you around. Perhaps at the InterHab Conference this week.

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Lawrence legislators say they hope Kansans will turn the tide on current policies

@ RCJay-So, you really think SB's "policies" are better than Sebelius'?! I won't hold my breath waiting for businesses to rush to a broken state. Get us out of whose depression? It was a recession caused under Bush and is getting better. There is no magic pill, & the obstructionist GOP in Washington haven't helped a bit.

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GOP raises specter of Medicaid expansion as campaign issue

Medicaid has income restrictions for eligibility. It may be your mother's income exceeds the limit.

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Recently hired Kansas Medicaid contractor settles federal fraud lawsuit

(I borrowed this observation) At least they will know what to look for (fraud).:)

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Brownback to show appreciation for state employees

lawrenceguy40 - boy what an attitude you have. Give them a break, although I think cookies & ice cream is a small "appreciation". I hope nobody shows up. Maybe you can show up and get the freebies-they won't know if you're a State employee or not :)

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