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Legalized drugs may do less harm

I would expect some of the ridiculous comments from this article, especially from a college town. I have worked in the schools and see how all the "rules" have changed, everything is so relaxed. Even the police officers cannot approach a student because of dress code or behavior because Mom and Dad come back with "why are you singling out my child?" I think we need rules and regulations over some things, here we go again if we legalize drugs....where do we stop, we may as well legalize everything and then we can do away with our police officers (who put their lives on the line every day and then we read some of the above comments!!) and we can do away with our school board, well, the list can go on and on.
Legalizing marajuana for health reasons only would be strictly from a doctor...that's it, no other drugs. Our country is beginning to look like a joke as it is, what if all the CEO's and teachers/principals/ parents were stoned all the time...that would be something to be proud of.
We need to start respecting police officers, teachers and parents once again...I think this country is already headed in a downward spiral.

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