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Opinion: U.S.-Syria policy must look beyond crisis

Obama's Middle East policy is in shambles. An opportunity to bring Assad down (admittedly for possibly worse replacements) has been missed. Iran continues to produce nuclear materials for future weapons development--unchallenged and apparently unstoppable. Hezbollah gathers more money, weapons and capability to threaten Israel, Jordan and others. Egypt and Libya are descending into political darkness. Afghanistan is falling back into Taliban control. Iraq is being destroyed from the inside out. It's just a matter of time until the Gulf states are pulled into this vortex of chaos. Obama runs from every opportunity, leaves virtually every ally uncovered, has no viable strategy or plan while Putin runs circles around him. The most inept practitioner of foreign policy since Jimmy Carter, on display for the world to see--welcome to the Big Show Mr. President. Too bad you're not qualified to play in this league.

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Letter: Shame on us

While both sides hurl insults at each other, the reality is this--it just doesn't matter. There are 300 million guns in circulation in the US today. Anyone that really wants to get a gun of whatever nature or capability can do so without adhering to 'rules'. The Newtown shooter used guns belonging to his mother--he would not have come up on the radar even with new or different rules.
This debate has been neutralized long ago by the very number of weapons openly available. America's destiny is to continue to absorb senseless mass shootings. The pro-gun rights crowd should be ashamed for what they've 'accomplished', the pro-gun control crowd should be ashamed for what they could not prevent. No victories here, only losses.

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Letter: Near insanity

Adding or changing gun laws at this point is truly 'closing the barn door after the horse is out.'
While I personally think that it's probably too late to make any significant change in the situation when 300 million guns are in circulation, anything is better than the current situation. That recipe is clearly not working, the evidence lies in cemeteries all over America.

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Letter: Near insanity

What the heck does the writer owning firearms have to do with it? Would that make him more qualified to contribue observations regarding mental health and high-capacity weapons? Don't think so.

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Simons' Saturday Column: Unique development arrangement raises questions

'some city officials are intent on jamming this project through in record time'

Names, please?

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Nation’s condition argues against Obama re-election

Dolph, your editorial, sincere from your perspective, is neither correct nor wrong. The sad and awful truth is that it just doesn't matter anymore. The two major political parties are so polarized (as are their most ardent supporters) to the point that to compromise is 'to lose'. Republicans have launched a civil war to ostracize their own--those 'moderate' party members that they refer to as 'RINOs'. Democrats turn on their own if they're not 'liberal enough'. Lost in the smoke are the many in the middle, trying to make a living, get through the next day/week/month without losing their houses, their cars, their jobs. Our elected officials (city, state, federal) do not care about any of us unless we are significant contributors to their campaigns or real 'power players'. We have become pawns in a huge game of chess, and checkmate is at hand.

Who will I vote for? Who cares? I don't....because I know that if Obama wins, the Republicans will likely hold the House and may gain the Senate. Four more years of legislative gridlock will set in, nothing significant or helpful for the country will be passed.
If Romney wins, also with a Republican House and Senate, he won't have a filibuster-proof Senate to overcome yet more legislative gridlock-another recipe for four more years of nonsense. The US' financial order will continue to decline, our belief in our leaders and our system will continue to decline, and in 2016 we'll have the exact same election cycle. And yet again, we will be lost in the endless posturing, name-calling, and lies while the financial and intellectual capital of the Republic continues to bleed away. The unfortunate truth and reality is this: We have met the enemy and he is us.

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Democrats ask moderate Republicans, independents to join their cause

It is a shame that the outcome of this election won't be obvious for one or two generations. The good news--taxes will be lower for those that make high incomes and can benefit from the result. The bad news--we can fight Mississippi and Louisiana for the bottom of the education-achievement tables. Yayyy us!!

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Bus debacle

"We have a glut of unnecessary cars on our roads every day. it's unsustainable, expensive, and destructive. We must make other modes more attractive."

I don't disagree about the number of cars on the local roads. The T is the unaffordable component in this particular economic model--low usage, high costs, and a very poor demand model. When oil is $200 per barrel, you will have an economic argument that people will listen to. At today's prices, you have no chance getting them onto the T. Until that equation changes, park the buses and use the alternatives (however much you may dislike them). Remember, economics always win.

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Lawrence may be asking downtown businesses to pay for library parking garage

Taking a bus? Nobody rides the T.
Cancel the T, parking paid for and another million or two left in the bank.

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Of these issues, which is the greatest health concern facing the Lawrence community?

Obesity. At epidemic proportions and growing (no pun intended).

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