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Made in China

I was preparing for the long, icy drive, (thinking of all the LPS parents this morning who went to drop their kids off school) and yet not wanting to miss the great Pok Chi Lau.

Delimma resolved, thanks for the post-see you next week!

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Festive folk

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Prior DUIs don't always count

This is a problem everywhere, not just in DG County, I know someone in JoCo who went to jail for their third DUI offense, but that was AFTER someone called the JoCo DA's office and tipped them to previous two DUI's. At the time of their arrest, they were charged with a first offense. They did serve time in jail(after # of DUI's were correctly reported), but came out of jail with full use of their KS Driver's License.

Have they driven drunk since, yes, many times.

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Exhibit sheds light on WWII camps

There was a German War Camp outside of Concordia Kansas. I have seen what is left of it. There still exists the guard towers and a few buildings. I had no idea these places exists, and I was never taught about it in history class.

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Protesters take to streets

St. Patty's is not used as a forum to protest current US immigration laws. There is a difference between celebrating one's heritage, and claiming another nationality while protesting the laws against illegally occupying the US. It is the difference between being an American first and foremost, because I am of Irish decent and I am proud of that, but I wear my American flag with pride.

Also, St Patty's Day is something that ALL Americans have assimilated into their culture. I am sure that after many years, not all people out celebrating the holiday are trying to obtain extraneous rights for ILLEGAL Irish immigrants.

It is apples vs oranges. ILLEGAL immigrants who are waving the MEXICAN flag, are simply that. And once again, Lindsburg is no different than other cities that have pockets of AMERICAN citizens who are preserving their culture.

It is NOT an issue of LEGAL immigrants. It is an issue of ILLEGAL immigrants who come here and exploit our system. I hope, for our sake, they don't start showing up en masse and armed to the teeth, (with herion), because we are just beginning to feel the economic and systematic effects of paying for other's ways.

Wave any flag you want during a celebration of your heritage, just not during a protest of your illegal occupation of this country as my taxes help pay the way for illegals in my area.

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Protesters take to streets

txgirl: I am NOT saying to ignore your heritage, or anyone's for that matter. It the great aspect of the "melting pot". We bring together, united as Americans, our various cultures that make our country great. My relatives who shed blood for this country were Irish, Scottish, British, and German. I am proud, but I am an American. My fiance's grandparents arrived from Poland, but they too assimilated with pride. His father, an American of Polish decent, fought for us in the Vietnam War. The idea is that we, citizens of the US, unite for the common good of our people, our country, and our democracy.

I've managed to email all my senators and reps today!

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Protesters take to streets

I have no problem with legal immigrants, and the issue is with ILLEGAL Immigrants. I have no issues with wanting to be an American, it is a great country.

What I have a big problem with is watching hundreds of thousands illegal and legal immigrants wave the mexican flag and not only sing the National Anthem in spanish, but alter the words to MY nations anthem. According the man who owns the recording studio in which the song was recorded, they didn't do anything different, "because the original was taken from the British, they were into guns and fireworks". So here is a man on national news telling the world he altered the words to the National Anthem, AND showing the fact he knows nothing of the history of it?

Pictures of children wrapped in the American flag, and I also watched on the news as a group of young men carrying the Mexican flag pointed to it and held it up-not the American flag.

Mostly I am NOT convinced these illegal immigrants want to be AMERICANS. I think they want to be Mexicans, living in America. They are showing disrepect for the American flag, showing disrepect for American citizens by altering the National Anthem and singing it in spanish.

Do I hate them? No. Am I angry? Yes, because I love my country, my friends and family who have shed blood for my country. I wear my American flag on my sleeve with pride, and watching illegals waving the Mexican flag(and where was the American flag in the first rounds of protests?)on American soil makes me angry. This is not assimilation, these acts show to me that there is no desire to become an American, but to make America fit their ideals.

On a lighter note, I realized yesterday that this strategy could possibly work to legalize marijuana. When hundreds of thousands criminals(and yes, they are in the country illegally)gather and no one gets's just a thought.

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KU professor made art personal

I owe so much to Bob Brawley. His genius, his stories, his insights that he shared had such an impact on myself, and many others. My best times at KU were a direct result of Bob's influence/classes. Nothing could have prepared me for my first UG class with him, ha, and every semester after that was making sure I took advantage of every opportunity to study under him. My deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones.

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Packerware tax abatement recommended to city

I want to point out that PackerWare has not released any factual information concerning average wages earned, the demographics of their employees, or their investments/costs of running the plant in Lawrence.

How much does the average employee earn? Most of the "new" employees are required to work through a temp firm that has an on-site office at PackerWare, with an undetermined length of time as a "temp" only to recieve approximately another dollar an hour in wages(IF that, sometimes none) when hired on perm. So is the 10.50 the average? While entry level jobs will average $8.50 an hour, the costs of health insurance for permanent employees AND dependents are taken out of their paychecks. And remember, temps don't recieve ANY benefits from PackerWare.

What are the demographics of the entire plant? Where do these employees live? Do they live in Lawrence, Douglas County, or outside of the area? Do they shop in Lawrence? If they commute here for work, where do they live? These are important factors to consider. Are they recent high school grads, how many positions require a college degree or some college? Who are the people who are accepting these jobs at a wage that places them at poverty level? What is the average age? Are they legal US citizens? Do they participate in the cultural and social aspects of our community?

How does the community of Lawrence find access to PackerWare's annual financial reports/documents so that we, as a community, know exactly in dollars and cents what this factory is bringing to Lawrence vs. what PackerWare's "costs" to Lawrence are . Aside from Astro's, Henry T's, local liquor stores, and gas stations-what local businesses benefit directly from employees wages? Of the over 100 new jobs, how many of these will be permanent and have health insurance? What will be the actual starting wage for each position of these new employees according to the wage scale for PackerWare? Where can published findings from the KU study be found, in it's entirety?

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