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Illegal firework violations can cost hundreds of dollars, jail time; police planning vigorous enforcement

One of the symptoms of PTSD is hyperarousal, in which one can exhibit hypervigilance. The sympathetic nervous system triggers body response to danger (fight, flight or freeze). So, even though military vets may be triggered to reexperience trauma by the sound of fireworks because they sound like gunfire, others who experience PTSD may also be triggered because of a continual state of hypervigilance and an exaggerated startle response.

I hope that helps.

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Brownback ponders religious objections legislation following gay marriage ruling

I would have been there, but after shunning Facebook I have no easy access (that I am aware of) to information (one of the rare reasons to participate in Facebook). I wish access to that information would be shared via the LJW.

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Brownback ponders religious objections legislation following gay marriage ruling

....and Brownback's pseudo holy war rages on to keep passions stirred, Kansas divided, and attention away from maleficent policies (eg: taxes, budget, education funding, etc).

Sadly, I think there won't be strong opposition to the Governor, aside from the impotent social media outcry, if not to show solidarity with our neighbors, then to show the rest of the nation we are being strong-armed by the Brownback administration, rather than sheep bleating loudly while being herded over a fiscal cliff.

What happened to marches and protests? For any reason/belief? I had a friend tell me stories of Lawrence during the civil rights era. Also, we joined together as a community to fight for our DCF office, and kept it.

My favorite quotes from the 30 and younger demographic: "why does everyone hate Brownback so much?" "Yeah, but he won the reelection by over 300,000 votes".... (My personal favorite, from my offspring) " you can't do anything about it". Sigh.

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Stouffer Place's last day means end of family housing at KU

Stouffer Place was home for almost six years. My children were 1 and 5 when I transferred to KU. My rent for a one bedroom apartment for the first two years averaged 200-225 making KU a possibility. So many memories. Alas, I worry about the future nontrad students with families.

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KU designates 'reflection room' for students of all faiths or no faith to pray, meditate

I, specifically and intentionally, used no reference to religion. I referred to a student's need to access a quiet, safe environment to process. As an agnostic and a nontrad UG and graduate student alumni, well, I can see a need for a designated space, such as this.

No, according to the narrow example you returned to, students can only "meditate and pray" " in the middle of classwork". For myself, the first situation that came to mind was September 11, 2001. No, I did not leave class that morning, instead I finished my scheduled class, then went straight to Hilltop and quietly snuck through a room of napping preschoolers, to my son's, and sat next to him, overcome with emotion, but nowhere else to reflect that day. I would have went to my son, but having access to a space that was not affiliated with a religion would have been welcomed. Please remember there are adults, with families, who do not identify with a religion, who are capable of using this room, for it's intended purpose, with regard to all academic and professional commitments, GT/As for example.

Pinball is my meditation, and how I survived graduate school, but alas, no bowling alley, no pinball machine. See? The need is greater now than ever, wink. And really, please, don't make 'you' statements regarding speculative statements. I did elaborate in hopes of clarifying my view and statements, but I am open to respectful debate. Thanks.

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KU designates 'reflection room' for students of all faiths or no faith to pray, meditate

Fred, college education does not mimic a workplace, as the academic setting provides the skills and specialized knowledge (depending on the level and area of study). Rarely does a student's time spent on campus resemble most employers expectations in terms of a work schedule.

For those facing moments, while on campus, where a space for quiet reflection and processing, with or without peers, that is safe, is a great resource and I applaud all who were involved.

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Judge blocks Kansas' ban on 2nd-trimester abortion procedure

If the religious right could accept that their religion/god is not the only religion/god, then they would not feel a duty to impose their beliefs upon everyone, and judge others as their God would. I want to see a day when science trumps mythology.

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Lawrence water customers could see significant rate increases

I especially enjoyed paying an additional $100 on my water bill that was shut off (utilities vs medical bills....the weekly 'game night' at our house). Turns out there is $25 for disconnection + $25 for reconnection + $25 trip fee + $25 fee on this month's statement.

Will gamble with bill collectors and litigation next time. $50 to show up and walk over to the water meter....the city should be doing fine.

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Kansas legislators approve 'Band-Aid' budget with largest tax increase in state history

Alan, I would assume the reasoning is that the transit and library are both available to, and utilized, by the public. These tax increases are being assessed to fill a gap left by giving over 330,000 business owners, including my landlord (rental property excluded too), a front row seat in the march to zero.

My rent did not decrease, so where is the trickle down? By the way, I have a fantastic landlord, one of the best. That does not offset the reality of the factual impact of this unbalanced tax increase.

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Bishop Seabury takes third in state debate tournament

Great job Hayley!!!

Thanks for the update regarding all the schools' debate teams. Congratulations to all.

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