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Bishop Seabury takes third in state debate tournament

Great job Hayley!!!

Thanks for the update regarding all the schools' debate teams. Congratulations to all.

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Longtime employee Linda Lassen 1 of 2 laid off at Penn House on Friday

A great idea would be for everyone who wants to show their appreciation for Mrs Lassen's dedication and service to throw her a party. Obviously, not a 'retirement' party, but rather an acknowledgement celebration. Possibly one small gesture to counter the insult of being laid off in such an abrupt manner.

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Godly nation

I am deeply concerned about the erosion of freedoms on all levels that are being done in the name of one religion, Christianity. I am not Christian, and I came to this very personal decision after attending two different Christian churches. I quit attending the first because the preacher denounced homosexuality during the sermon. The second one was more liberal, which helped me to understand I am agnostic, because I simply cannot use blind faith to take the Bible verbatim. But, this is MY choice. I do not want a religion's belief system shoved onto my family. In order to have a state run with (christian)God based politics, then where do folks of other beliefs fit in? It reminds me of the Jews during the crusades, which sound a lot like the Salem witch trials, which makes me think of Hitler's ability to use religion as a reason for genocide. The problem isn't Brownback entirely, who is behind him? What entities are being
funded to promote such a narrow agenda based in emotion and not logic? Look to Wichita. Our legislature and government is being reformed by the richest folks in the state. What do the Koch brothers gain? We have to ask ourselves that question. Meanwhile, they manipulate the people by creating a rift between each other by using the one thing that can be so powerful, religion. I respect anyone's right to take great pride in believing in something, to have blind faith, but when government is involved it is no longer about faith, it becomes about obedience. It scares me that our politicians and the richest corporations in this state are manipulating good people and their belief systems.

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Reproductive rights supporters criticize legislator for controversial comments on abortion

Does anyone know if the morning after pill is allowed in Kansas, because it could provide women with an alternative to an abortion, but still prevent her further trauma. I am concerned with the implications of women/men who raise the children who are products of rape or incest? What man is going to love a woman and her baby who is her father/brother/uncle's child? If the rape was by a nonfamily member, if she is experiencing PTSD and carries her baby to full term, what if she is experiencing one of many feelings of shame/guilt, trauma, depression? What long term risk factors does the child face? Does anyone want to know, growing up, that they are a product of familial/nonfamilial rape?

I don't see abortion stopping by limiting services, but rather through education and
prosocial/mental health services. Making abortion illegal won't stop abortion any more than all the other things we've made illegal. If there is a demand, someone will meet that need. My great aunt had a 'back alley' abortion in 1932, she almost bled to death later that day.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback's budget cuts raise concerns about special education funding

Have we forgotten that all gifted and excelled learner programs are classified as Special Education? Special Education encompasses all types of learners who need extra help/special services.....or should we let them suffer too? Oh sure, bored and bright, that's how they end up in the penal system.

And how can any cuts in education help?

And for Smarty Pants who thinks a nursing home is the answer....go visit one. Really, even the best ones, say at dinner time...or after dinner time when the overworked staff is trying to meet everyone's needs at the same time....or will you agree to an increase in funding for nursing homes? We can always go back and revisit Willowbrook.

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Pinball wizard restores old machines

I just started my Attack From Mars tattoo....have been trying to find one to play, but have found some other great ones around town-Concorde at Conroys Pub is so much fun, and Addams Family in town off 6th Street at the Mexican restaurant.

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Two Lawrence bars named to national 'Top 50' list

Pinball?! order to known for pinball, the machines have to work and/or be turned on? Several places in town and/or KC have a machine or two...and most days that's the number of machines that can be played. Does anyone even remember what it was like when the walls were lined with pinball machines?

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What do you look for in a doctor?


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Hundreds rally to keep schools open

I worked at New York right after the round of school closings, around 2003. Centennial and East Heights were closed and the buildings were utilized in other ways.

I was new to the East side and New York, but I still remember the kids who were sad and had a difficult time adjusting to starting school in a new neighborhood. Did they adjust? Yes, but thanks in a large part to Mrs Steele and her efforts as principal and her willingness to comfort those who were effected. Yes children can be resilient, but some adapt better than others. I know why they are fighting so hard for these schools. I also have worked at Cordley in the after school program, and both New York and Cordley have a very strong, supportive sense of community.

The issues are statewide. I work in Eudora now, and last month many schools across the state issued paychecks late. The state payments came late, so teachers and staff get paid late, and then their bills are paid late. So the issue is very real and on top of the fact that teachers are unpaid anyway, well it adds insult to injury. The reality is that many will loose their jobs in budget cuts, and many pay scales were frozen, so last year there were many who didn't get any kind of increase in wages. It is now very clear that none will be occurring for the next school too.

It is unfortunate that education is taking such a hit. I recently put my kid back into public school , after home schooling for three years, in a district that the teachers have to buy and stock their own construction paper and many other classroom supplies. Eudora simply has no money for paper. As a school, we are conserving and recycling, which helps. But simply, the reality is that there is no money for the schools, and some districts are getting hit harder than others. As a country we saw the plights of Haitians and sent millions of dollars in aide, while we do without here in our own neighborhoods. And I agree, more needs to be done at/under the green dome.

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Best Local Music of 2009

The Spook Lights...

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