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Area Football Roundup: Eudora wins, but loses

I would hope PLHS would have played awesome last night considering their competition!!!!!Make sure you send your thank you cards to Eudora.Ryan+ senior year stats= ALL STATE PERFORMANCE!!!!

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KU men's basketball 23rd in preseason coaches poll

Shouldnt it ALWAYS be- You are the champion until someone beats you for that title. Which in almost all other sports; regardless you would be ranked #1 going into the next season!!!! Dumb how College Bball does the rankings. Even though KU will be a little down from last years. Still give them the respect of being 2008 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!

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New kickoff chant chosen to replace obscene one

How bout Luuuuuuuuuuck (kick) Feeeeew!!!!!!!

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High school football area roundup

boo hoo....what about Eudora. They dont get covered much, if at all at times. Closer than both

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Douglas County tornado damages buildings

They showed this picture and heading live on Channel 4 news. Nice typo tools!!!

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College football on Friday night?

Play it on Thursday night like the other college games. High School games are for Friday nights!!!

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Did you ever play in the school band?

This one time at band camp.........I stuck a flute in.......Fill in the blank!!!

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Darnell Jackson's letter to KU fans

Wow, its awesome to see such a classy guy give meaningful thanks. Players always say "we love you fans" or this or that; but DJ actually in my opinion does.Best of LuckRock Chalk in 09

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KU's Releford eligible; twins waiting on clearance

Sounds like a rough start for the defending champs. Will hurt a ton if the twins dont get thier sh!t together and cleared.

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KU abstains from effort to lower drinking age

I am all for raising the age from 18 to 21 to serve for your country. Enough said. Think about it people

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