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Rule changes on how many unrelated people can live in a house up for discussion at City Hall

Why don't you just use the laws on the books and call the cops if there parties are sooooo loud.

Or you could try being a good neighbor and a reasonable human being and go talk to them...

OR you could act like a freaking childish loser and expect big gubment and big brudder to take care of everything....

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Opinion: Black apparently more than a color

Thoroughly enjoyed this one...thought provoking and hilarious.

"As for being black enough, he is probably a greater expert than he was before. He is, after all, a man out of work. It doesn’t get much blacker than that."

"It gets worse. I have no natural rhythm, no criminal record and can correctly pronounce the word “ask.” I don’t curse nearly as much as I ought to. Oh, and I went and married my baby mama."

I love self deprecating humor.

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Letter: Our responsibility

You are naive. There are ghettos in every country listed above where guns and drugs are prevalent.

Also, what do ghettos and drugs have anything to do with the shooting in Connecticut? It happened in a white upper middle class/upper class neighborhood by a white middle (possibly higher socioeconomic class, unsure) kid who had no (reported) illegal substance ingested.

Come to think of it, I can't think of any "mass shooting" that has happened in a lower socioeconomic area where minorities are the majority...so I don't think I would start blaming our "ghetto/drug/gun" culture...I feel like this is one of the more overblown aspects of this debate.

I personally think the fact our society has babied kids so much (everyone gets a trophy, everyone gets an A, etc.) that when adversity happens in our nations children's lives, as a whole, they don't know to handle it. Unfortunately, some of the outliers on the bell curve have access to deadly weapons.

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Lawrence real estate market called one of hottest in the state

Investors exactly, I just bought a house for myself but I'm sure home owners are not where most of the purchases are coming from in the 100k-175k price range.

I just picked up a house for 105K that had been on the market for 130K. Not sure why they sold it but I assume they weren't getting very much action and hopped on the first offer they got.

The dumb thing is the county appraises the property for 140K.

So my question is this, is my house worth 140K or 105K? And how do I go about getting it reappraised by the county so it is closer to my purchase price. Cause the difference in the two prices is laughable.

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Do you think it is important to get a flu shot?

Somedude 1, George 0. The flu shot is inactivated and contains no viral machinery that would allow replication. The INACTIVATED flu shots are made up of the tiny proteins that are on the surface of the influenza virus. These proteins are what signal your bodies immune system to ramp up and make WBCs that will destroy the actual influenza virus should you encounter it about 2-4 weeks later. YOU CAN NOT GET SICK FROM THE INACTIVATED FLU VIRUS. If you think you did, you didn't. You probably already had the flu virus a before you got the shot, or came in contact with someone directly after getting the flu shot. George I think it is YOU that needs to go back to biology, or better yet take a pharmacology class.

Now if you are talking about the FluMist influenza vaccine then that is a different story. That particular vaccine is a weakened version of the flu virus. That is why it is only indicated for people who are 18-49 because this population has the strongest immune system and can handle the inactivated flu virus. This virus has only been FDA approved for a few years and actually has better outcomes for pts 18-49.

Do a little research from a valid source like the NIH or CDC.

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Orchards Golf Course for sale

FYI, you can play Alvamar for $20-25 with a cart right now (18 holes, not 9). And I am pretty sure Eagle Bend is just as cheap. Also, if your looking for an inexpensive way to play golf in surrounding areas check out the website golfnow.com

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Morningstar: KU high-flier McLemore the 'spitting image' of Brandon Rush

hahaha, I didn't glance at the author when I started reading this article, however, once I finished this sentence I knew it had to come from the mind of Keegen. Not to mention his comparison makes no sense whatsoever...but whatever, this nonsense has been going on so long that its become normal and amusing in its own right.

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35 indicted, including Lawrence residents, on drug charges; prosecutors allege KU basketball link

Water, let me introduce you to my friend, grease fire. I think you two will get along just fine . . .

Got to love the war on drugs!

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Ban aimed at drug K2 extended by Drug Enforcement Administration


Your correct about schedule 1 and 2 drugs, however, your wrong on the rest.

Schedule 3 drugs are considered less addictive than sch 2 but more addictive than sch 4. Schedule 4 drugs are considered to be slightly less addictive than sch. 3 but more addictive than sch 5.

The medical communitity largely lumps sch 3 and 4 into the same category. Some drugs in the 3 and 4 sch. include benzos (xanax), lortab (hydrocodone/acetaminophen), zolpidem (ambiem), phenteramine, and other sedative, hypnotic, stimulant, and analgesic drugs. Antibiotics and antidepressents are not scheduled.

Schedule 5 drugs are behind the counter and you have to be over 18 to buy them as well as sign a book and show a valid form of ID. They are considered less addictive and a few examples of Sch 5 drugs are codein cough syrup, and in some states even pseudephedrine (In Kansas, however, one must still sign a book and show a valid ID to obtain pseudephed). An Rx is not always needed for sch. 5 drugs.

The rest of medications such as antibiotics, some steroids, blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, and analgesics such as meloxicam are not scheduled but still require a valid Rx.

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