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Developer, proposed Rock Chalk Park partner Thomas Fritzel involved in company that owes $3.4M in back taxes, fees

In 2005 or maybe 6 the DOD came in to the area (Geary County/Junction City, Riley County/Manhattan as well as Clay County and set up many, many, many meetings telling the city and county leaders that the military was building up the troops at Ft Riley and returning the Big Red One brigade. Along with more soldiers came the support personnel. The DOD stated that they would need housing for about 8000 soldiers plus housing for support personnel. They would need housing of every type. Apartments, duplexes and stand alone houses. The DOD said the soldiers would need and want restaurants and entertainment. They really fanned the fires of hope to revitalize the area with hopes of prosperity. Greed was a player as well. I think that the city fathers were hoping for a bright partnership with the military....except of course the infamous mayor of JC. At the time of the building "boom" the economy was great (well before the mortgage industry scam).

The building boom ended pretty quickly when Pres. Bush ordered the "troop surge". Once the soldiers left the support staff went with them. A great number of spouses, children, etc left to go back to their hometowns. So at that point civilian development essentially ended. Development has continued on post with new schools and a nearly completed military hospital.

Then in October 2009 the mortgage industry scam crippled the economy nationwide.

Because Fritzel and other developers walked away in 2009 the citizens of JC now have extremely high property taxes. The entire town is bearing the burden of the housing push.

The city policy for getting a building permit requires that the taxes be paid up to date on the lot the developer wants to build on. Fritzel wants to put in another row of houses (15? is what I have been told) and not pay any of the taxes which have not been paid for nearly 3 years.

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