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thats right, wasichugirl... or maybe the hillbilly cellphone: one can and some string.

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Sebelius not interested in Obama’s Commerce opening

glad yer stickn aroun' baby...

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Depot getting back on track to handle more rail travelers

"waiting 'round the train stationwaitin' for th' traint' take metake me awayfrom thislonesome place..."hen

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2 arrested after knife attack at bar

baby i know you can preview yer comments... if you gon' represent a certain recreational community, do it intelligently. satyagraha

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Did you ever want to be an astronaut growing up?

the naked ape has a lot more evolving to do before therell be any kind of viable off-world living. solar radiation plays havoc with our cells folks. but, maybe this type of mutating is what we need to evolve into a space ape. though this progression will take hundreds, maybe thousands of yrs to accomplish. sorry to burst yer bubble cities moon and mars phreex. think about solar power plant satellites insteads, freds...

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Oil: from boom to bust

no drill no drill... solar power plant satellites solar power plant satellites solar power plant satellites. itll stimulate the job market like you cant believe down here on the ground in order to maintain all those rechargeable industrial size batteries coming in and going out. im talking shipping, receiving, and dispersal. not to mention all the controllers to be used in working transport vehicles, robotic workers out @ the plants themselves, construction of new sky harbors for the ground facilities... criminy there is so much to do.

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Tribute delayed

ive been reading hitlers "my struggle" and im quite amazed @ how his basic fascist ideology was laid out for anyone to discern, both abroad and here, WAY before it all came to fruition. i guess its quite easy to explain everyone in the worlds lack of interest in so ludicrous a doctrine in those days, the early '20s, but he then had an ENTIRE country jump onto his bandwagon. i believe that had he managed to bring off his ethnic cleansing, those germans who "had NO IDEA folks were being butchered" would merrily have rolled along. since they were stopped and a boot put in their ashcan they ALL play o-possum. and im only about a hundred pages into it... tell me, mein wasichu, whatcha all got to be proud of? goethe? mozart? wagner? whatre you clinging to so purposefully? yall still wanna take over the world and put the muddy skins to the curb if you can.

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Oil: from boom to bust

here is a picture of a man pullin one helluva paycheque... weekly, im sure of it.

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Trusting health: In God’s hands

were all naked apes who have the power to shape our own lives. were born alone we essentially live alone and well pass away alone. dont be scared of this fact. nature doesnt give a hoot about us in those three instances. use your time wisely, read dont watch, experience experience experience life. we are the epitome of the cosmos evolving into consciousness and as we dissolve back into stardust it will be @ that moment well understand that life is most precious, and some of you apes fritter it away on your knees dropping into prostrations and reciting canticles and tenets put together by other apes who feared thinking for themselves. and whatever yall do, "dont put your faith into 'come on everybody lets love' which is a whole lotta hogwash if theres no truth and understanding in the first place." satyagraha

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Sebelius discusses upcoming legislative session which includes an energy plan

xd40 whatcha think o' my projex?

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