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Simons' Saturday Column: Universities should put spotlight on academic stars

You mean like this:
or this:
or this:

Maybe Dolph missed these because he didn't have a tab for "KU academics" on the top like "KU sports".

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KUMC bus

This would also be useful for KU folks going between both campuses.

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Kansas Senate leader rejects bill to allow guns on college campuses

If you are going to only allow cases that occurred on a university campus (rather than a few blocks from one), and where concealed carry permits were documented (even those these haven't been around long in most places), and when there was a blue moon... yeah sure, you won't find any cases that fit. I would also say you are not going to find any cases of someone with a concealed carry license saving the day in a university shooting scene. It is a ridiculous defense of the argument that conceal carry weapons on campuses will stop such events. There have fortunately not been many campus shooting events from which to draw any of these sorts of examples.

This case, however, is a good example of why wannabe rambos are not anything like a solution to dealing with these rare events. As you state yourself, watching a couple Die Hard movies doesn't make one a trained SWAT team member capable of dealing with such situations.

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Kansas Senate leader rejects bill to allow guns on college campuses

vertigo, I know of one "wannabe Rambo" case that made things worse..

it isn't in this news report, but the civilian that was shot was a wannbe rambo that brought out his gun to shoot back at the shooter. He didn't shoot anyone, but managed to get himself shot and cause confusion for the police which delayed their ability to deal with the situation and rescue their fallen colleagues.

If the police, who have been trained for years to handle these situations, are often unable to stop them without fatalities, no yokel with a couple hour class is going to do any better. When police enter a situation with multiple shooters, it can be difficult for them to tell who is "the good guy" and as such they have to assume that everyone with a gun is a hazard making their job even more difficult and putting us all at greater risk.

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Town Talk: Tortas Jalisco looking downtown; city set to replace downtown street lights; Kansas per capita income grows in 2010

Yeah for Angel Alvarez! He is an example of what great things immigrants can do for this state and country. All the way from a food stand in a gas station to owner of two restaurants. He is a real entrepreneur creating jobs in Kansas.

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Church plans Spanish carols, global message

This event is free.

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