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Jason Rose sits in court Monday morning at the Douglas County Law Enforcement Center. Rose was sentenced to 122 months in prison.


Raju Ahmed 11 years ago

DA's of the Douglas County has done a terrible job. The state of KS needs to stop pursuing more laws or creating more stupid laws on registered offenders. The KS legislature must work on giving justice to those, who are desperately needing a fair decision. When he gets out after 10 years, if he commits any other crimes, I am sure Charles Branson, and some racist DA's would not take the responsibility. Why are they playing mind games? Why don't we go out on the street and strile one day for justice?

The reason I call most DA's of Lawrence racist, because if this suspect was a black person he would have been sentenced to life time or death penalty if we had one.

They call Lawrence a liberal town. I still doubt it. As long as the hippies and the hypocrites smoke some weed, and they are happy to be liberal. When it comes to acceptance and who to vote, they vote no other than republican. I am ashamed to live in a town like that.

We still have chances, but we need to recognize them very well. Lets prove the DA wrong. Lets march for the justice. That's all.


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