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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

Anyone who thinks this is not necessary is not very bright and doesn't live in this world. When some whack job shoots up a local school, or movie theater or university, how do you expect the police do get to the injured? And if you think an ambulance is going up to the front door of a place with an active shooter, you are wrong. Call it whatever you want, but when you need, hopefully we don't, but when you do, it will save the lives of our police or citizens.

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Town Talk: Kia dealership expanding on 23rd Street; Police Department to get armored vehicle; developers asking TIF money to cover $695,000 in land costs at Ninth and N.H.

waste of what.... federal money that is going to be spent one way or another. Might as well be on protecting the city you live in.

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City shuts down MagnaGro

Zone Inspectors who ordered you not to do your jobs? Chief Barr, who ordered you not to do your duty? Mr. Corliss did you?

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City shuts down MagnaGro

The city was questioned by the Journal-World in June about why the facility was allowed to operate out of compliance with the sewer code. Last week, the Journal-World reported the business had about a dozen fire code violations, including operating without a sprinkler system and improperly storing hazardous materials.

What were the answers? Who else have they allowed to stay open….for YEARS!?! Only one person can tell the fire department not to do their duty! Please answer the questions Mr. Corliss!

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Time is up

Time is up for MagnaGro, could not agree more! The big question is WHY did the city treat them differently?!? How long do they normally allow business not to be in compliance? A friend of mine could not open his doors for business until he had passed ALL inspections! MagnaGro made fertilizer…..I smell manure coming from City Hall!

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Investigation ongoing into whether Lawrence city manager made racially charged comment

I am told he said the "spear chuckers" about groups of people. Let the investgiation play out. If he said it toward anyone he should be punished. I'm guessing many of us would be fired. You don't have to be black to take offense. It's demeaning when said toward anyone, but I'm sure it will be a lost cause trying to explain that to independant_rebel.
I knew what it meant when I read it, but some of folks don't.

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