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Lawrence commission again delays action on Wicked Broadband

Many people fail to grasp the importance of bringing this level of Internet service to Lawrence.
The way that consumers prefer to obtain content is moving beyond the old realms of broadcast over cable and satellite into on demand services.
If ALL customers decided to stream a movie in high definition at the exact same moment, even with today's seemingly fast Internet access, it would not work.

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Lawrence commission again delays action on Wicked Broadband

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This is the place in Lawrence for everything BBQ

There's an amazing array of BBQ rubs - and you can try them before you buy them.
If you have a recipe for a rub you can mix your own from the bulk spices they carry.
Cookers, charcoal, wood, accessories . . . it's all here.

This store is a great asset for our community.
The people are super-friendly and helpful too.

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Are fireworks legal in Lawrence and Douglas County? Learn the rules before Fourth of July weekend

OK - so here's a different question - which towns besides Baldwin are personal fireworks friendly so we can leave Lawrence and go spend some money there while having some personal fireworks fun?

We used to have big family get togethers over the 4th holiday, but since the ban, it hasn't happened. I used to contribute more money than I want to admit to the local economy for these gatherings. I would like to get back to that tradition.

So - which towns around northeast Kansas, in addition to Baldwin, are friendly towards people firing off their own fireworks? For example, I've seen quite a few fireworks sales tents going up in Tonganoxie - but don't know what their city's policy is.

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Bill in Kansas Legislature would require Obama, other presidential candidates to prove citizenship

umm . . . sorry - he's only half black. The other half is white.

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Bill in Kansas Legislature would require Obama, other presidential candidates to prove citizenship

blah blah blah -

and you know what? Our 'jobs' left our country a couple few decades ago when companies started using over seas 'outsourcing'.

If I lived in Tonganoxie, I would be SO EMBARASSED by Rep. O'Brien!

But that's what you get with low voter turnout - and low voter turnout is what the fringe elements rely upon to get elected to public office that serves only their special interest.


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Critics say religious freedom bill in Kansas House discriminates against gay people

to beat that horse one more time - isn't this proposed law unconstitutional?

and I hadn't even thought about how it violates the Kansas Home Rule . . .

this seems to be destined to fail . . .

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Do you think Kansas Rep. Virgil Peck should resign?

He's broken no laws, however he has exhibited an extreme lack of maturity. Discretion and decorum should be expected of people who are elected to represent all human beings within their district. This person fails them miserably . . . and he should step down.

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Brownback administration seeks removal of Civil Service protections at Labor agency, Democrats say

We have to get people to vote. I've always believed that if we had almost 100% voter turnout for EVERY election that we would rarely find ourselves in these messes.

When the voter turnout is low, these creeps win.

Even though it often seems that your vote doesn't count - if we had a greater percentage of participation we could at least know that the outcome of elections - the people we elect to represent us - would be closer to what the majority truly want.

So please, each one of us needs to vote and we need to ensure that all of our friends, families, neighbors, etc. - everyone who is eligible - votes -

The military industrial complex is counting on a disaffected votership so that their pawns can be elected.

So please, please vote - in every election.

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Kansas Rep. Virgil Peck apologizes for illegal immigrant, feral hogs remark

Two wrongs do not make a right -

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