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House Republicans advance tax overhaul; entire Kansas delegation supports it

I would have to agree with Mr. Barwick. All this business does is makes it harder for those busting to try and keep up or get ahead a bit while giving big breaks to those who need it the least. Tax cuts for big cats to stimulate the economy? Now where have we heard that line before? Sure didn't work for Reagan. A friend of mine ran some simulations based on the new rules with a variety of income levels. Of most of those up to 200K and lower all ended up paying more. This may be the needed catalyst to get rid of some of the do nothing Congress from the party of the do nothingist come next election cycle.

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Roberts, Moran vote to advance Brownback-style federal tax reform

Oh come on Jerry, you know better than that. Tax reform of this type will not create squat for hard working Kansans. It will raise the deficits those dollars we supposedly save will be worth a lot less. Add that into the rapid explosion in health care cost that is coming it is rather a lose/lose for everyone. Except the top level earners of course. They mostly don't care.

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Kansas ordered to repay $3 million from 2009 fee fund sweeps

I can't argue the ruling but it is ironic. Mike O'Neal is nothing but a scab on Kansas that uses any trick and turn to make a buck. He is nothing but the Hutch fool. Kansas Chamber of Suckitude Commerce that promotes the elite over the regular Kansas citizens.

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Common Core standards will soon be a thing of the past in Kansas

I have not figured out why a set of uniform standards and benchmark measures for academic success and outcomes was ever a bad thing. It essentially creates a level field for gauging expectations for all students nationwide. But I guess too many conservatives are afraid the kids will wind up smarter than they are. So the march backwards continues.

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Trump to end key Obamacare subsidies; insurers likely to flee

Where are these low to moderate income families that are covered by medicaid? D'Armond, you clearly have little knowledge of how and what medicaid is and isn't. In Kansas, any adult without a disability is absolutely is not covered. Ignorance of the subject matter is of no help to the discussion.

And Donald claimed repeatedly in the campaign that he had a better plan that was great and everybody will love it on and on. Fact is the Donald doesn't have a clue other than the prices will indeed skyrocket and many people will lose coverage. It will be a lose/lose.

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Grandparents challenge Kansas child immunization mandate

Here is your conundrum:
Baker's argument is valid.
Baker is dumb for not vaccinating.

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Colyer preparing to take over as Kansas governor

As for being the architect of KanCare he sometimes doesn't seem to know how it all works. It may have some limited success with the medical side however for HCBS recipients falls very short the long term supports necessary for person with conditions that will never go away. The MCO's continually cut back services at the drop of a hat while expecting providers to maintain the person. It is not healthy for the system in the long term.

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Several LHS marching band members take the knee during national anthem at football game

The kneeling is about injustice and inequality. Those who say it is disrespectful apparently cannot separate that from cloth and music. What is truly sad is that those people miss the point entirely and/or choose to ignore it. I have never seen or heard one of the so called patriots ever say I get your point but kneeling is wrong. They would rather skip the point. Sad.

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At confirmation hearing, Brownback praised but also grilled about stances on gay people, abortion, 'religious freedom'

So I'm thinking Sam didn't talk much about the C Street cult of theocratic extremist he belonged to in D.C. that supported the Jesus government. I think that might have been before he "became' a full blown Catholic. Sort of maybe. Back in those days, according to a certain author, Sam believed that the evolution of government should be that the holy word of some christ person should dictate all legislation from the Congress. He is a fool on a fool's errand and carrying a lie. At least we will be rid of him. But he will still earn a handsome salary doing nothing for nobody that no one really cares about. Your hard earned tax dollars at work.

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GOP candidates for secretary of state respond to ACLU voting rights campaign

I would agree with the statement that free and fair elections are critical to our system of government. However the function of the Secretary of State office is to make voting accessible to all eligible citizens. The current bunch is more in line with voter suppression. That is clear to the most casual observer. And Mr. Esau is horribly confused on his understanding of Constitutional rights. All rights are granted by the document that is created by the authors and a culmination of many reviews by the SCOTUS. There is no god granting anything.

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