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After showdown, GOP Senate leaders agree to move forward on school funding plan

I agree with Mr. Cooper. The State Supreme Court only did their job in interpreting the law. They didn't make the law. It is an example of why we have a system of checks and balance so as to not allow one branch of government too much over reach in the issue and affair of laws and policy. Clearly any attempt to change the constitution based one this Gannon ruling is a move by a conservative ultra right to take that unfair advantage and tilt the balance. Susan Wagle and Jim Denning do not pass Go and do not collect $200. Take your AFP/Koch/ALEC policy crap someplace else.

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Business and farm groups pushing constitutional amendment on school finance

So this Swender fellow says that, "A constitutional amendment remains the best way to make sure our schools and other essential services are not neglected.”
What he really means is that with the proper change to rules that big business can buy whatever politicians they want and short change not only education but any aspect of the safety net they feel like at the time. For the people of Kansas to vote for such folly will illustrate the tryanny of democracy.

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Letter to the editor: Better comments

Sank4ever thread ran for days and hundreds of post. (he was a good man)
Liking biscuits ran for days and hundreds of post.
Nobody likes football. Nobody.
Fun times.

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Kansas House rejects medical marijuana proposal

psychologically active ingredient?

I think you mean psychoactive ingredient.

Kansas legislature. Keeping Kansas backwards for now and years to come.

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Statue of abolitionist John Brown vandalized with swastika, racial slur

He was the OG domestic terrorist.

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Report: Anti-Semitic incidents soar by 57 percent

This is your Trumpist base MAGA.

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Seniors struggling to apply for Medicaid in Kansas

This is not just the elderly. It is everybody with or qualified for medicaid. The private clearinghouse company is completely incompetent. MAXIMUS. Kansas has fired them in the past of poor performance. It is very hard for providers to act in good faith, following their contracts and then the person falls out of the system and the provider can't get paid. Not for profits find that very difficult to swallow. Back in the old day prior to this private nonsense if a person's renewal got screwed up all it took was a call to the local SRS office by the case manager and it got fixed right away. If the state was looking for a way to cut medicaid cost, not paying the providers and cheating people out of services is not really the best method.

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Supporters of Medicaid expansion make another attempt, despite new governor's opposition

When enough people get sick and tired of this nonsense and watching friends with insurances and good jobs have to have bake sales and fund raisers...enough is enough. This country needs universal coverage for ALL like civilized nations. Oh, and I told Jeff last week to his face that kancare was conceived as a cluster and I don't think he was too impressed. Not as bad as in Manhattan but hey, when i talked to him he hadn't been driving the bus for a full day yet. We don't need to expand medicaid. We need to get completely rid of it and provide universal medicare to everyone across the board, no stops. It is too doable but the investors and profits whores buy the system.

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Report: Kobach is on the board of a veterans group in which hardly any money goes to vets

Kris is concerned mostly about Kris and doesn't give a flap about ethics or rules or morals. He just wants to ride around and get his name in the paper by any means necessary. He is a failure of a chief election officer in this state. His job as SoS was to make voting easier and more accessible to all eligible voters. He has done the opposite. Now this. Cheaters never win and winners never cheat.

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