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Executive pay varies widely at Lawrence nonprofits

Absolutly right! First some of your figures are absolutly LOW, salaries that is! Lets look at some of the additional perks these CEO's get. Let's take Douglas County Visiting Nurses as an example. I have donated a healthy amount to this organization only to find out they are no longer DOUGLAS COUNTY VISITING NURSES just Visiting Nurses, I haven't seen an article saying that they would be moving out of their Douglas County supplied offices or that they have stopped receiving DOUGLAS COUNTY FUNDS! Ms Bellome is and excellent bait and switch CEO. I gave gererously to her "Hospice House" only to find out that a family member couldn't go there because insurance wouldn't pay as it never was licensed as HOSPICE. Next I get asked to donate for children they serve only to be told they "don't serve many but would like to". Why does our community allow county funds to go to such organizations when we are fortunate enough to have CEO's such as Loring Henderson or Kelly Evans who actually get the work done that makes a difference in our community and are doing what they believe in for less then half the pay. Ms Belome needs to take a lesson and maybe drop some of the bate and switch tactics. It would be nice to also see what these "non-profit Execs" have as perks in addition and what their CFO's make. Hum!

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