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Retired Lawrence police captain killed in wreck on I-70

The community has lost a very good human being. Those of us fortunate enough to have known him are saddened beyond words. Much love to his wonderful family.

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What would you miss most if you had to live off the grid?

Wow, Mr. Williams. Why so hostile? The one you are so quick to critisize does have his own set of judgements but not quite as mean spirited. Living off the grid shouldn't be offensive to anyone. But apparently, everything is.

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Kansas Humanities Council announces new state poet laureate

So proud of her....a very deserving recipient. She will make us proud.

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City set to go out to bid for $25 million rec center; commissioners asked to OK retail rezoning for area across highway from center

Wasn't it the Northwest corner that was plowed in the middle of the night for the proverbial profit over the "never been plowed" environment? That was such a travesty....and look, reward is on the way.

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Sweeping abortion bill approved by Kansas House committee

In Kansas we are so adept at walking backwards. It's a good thing we have many great things in Kansas to be proud of, becuase archaic thinking and oppression is not doing it for most of us.

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Town Talk: Emptying the notebook before tonight's rec center hearing; parks and rec maintenance concerns; sales tax dollars and operating costs; and idea of more retail at Sixth and SLT won't die

Wasn't the NW corner site the land that was native, untouched land that the resident decided to plow up in the middle of the night so the environmentalists could not, or would not prevent him from making a huge profit...if he sold out for commercial use? I mistaken? If that is the case...I would like to urge all deciding parties, to avoid that land for any kind of profitable use. Like that's gonna happen.

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Linwood man dies in car-motorcycle accident

This man was one of the kindest men I have ever met. My heart goes out to his children. I am sure the woman that hit him will pay a personal price. Tragedy is just that....

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Camper action

Truly a waste of time and money. We have certain freedom's and the participants have made efforts to comply with the law. Let it be!

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What is your favorite holiday beverage?

Tom and Jerry's.....a hot sweet milk drink with rum and brandy.

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