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Zack Stoudt chooses Ole Miss

kubacker- live up to your name and stand behind the program. It took the Bo up in NE 3 years to play for the big twelve title, and it was only that quick because NE constantly has 5 star talent. KU on the other hand is another story. Anyone with half a brain will tell you that rebuilding a program takes years, so cut the guy some slack and if we still suck in 4 years then I'll listen to you. Plus, we were in contention for the #2 JuCo player in the country and lost to a school from the SEC with a pretty rich tradition, AND we were his top school down to the wire. We didn't get him, but I'll take it as a good sign.

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Lawrence transit system getting six new buses that are shorter and cheaper

They are consolidated. Some KU bus routes were adjusted to operate further around the city, and some Lawrence routes were adjusted to run through campus. The buses that only serve the dorms still do so, otherwise T routes were adjusted and optimized to run smoothly with KU routes. They also now allow those users who have free bus riding privileges at KU to ride free of T buses and vice versa. What more would you have them do? Order a whole new fleet of buses under a combined transit system name?

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KU men's basketball second in preseason Big 12 coaches poll

One has an "e" and one has an "s." Also, one was a star basketball player for KSU and led them to the Elite Eight, while the other has done nothing of the sort.

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Kansas Silver-Haired Legislature rejects resolution supporting medical marijuana

Hmm interesting. I may note that they don't implicate the plaque as a cause, but obviously, it does slow neuronal connections which isn't to be taken lightly. Probably both things in my book. Check this link out for what I've read/been taught.

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Kansas Silver-Haired Legislature rejects resolution supporting medical marijuana

Alzheimer's is caused by atrophy, not plaque. Their brain disintegrates.

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KU places Phi Gamma Delta on interim suspension during hazing investigation

Ahh but it is considered hazing in the university sense when active members force pledges to do anything that active members themselves won't do.

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Student injured at fraternity party


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Emotional LB Justin Springer has big day vs. Georgia Tech

I got to say something to him on the field afterward. He was ecstatic. Played a great game.

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KU upsets No. 15 Georgia Tech, 28-25

Boom. Roasted.

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