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House committee advances bill undoing classified system of state employment

It's interesting how they advertise this Bill as one that eliminates the "protections" State employees have. State employees are not "protected", they cana be fired just like anyone else, but there is a process to follow in order to do it. It is misleading the public by advertising this Bill the way they are. State employees are some of the poorest paid employees in the state. Soon your government will be run by people who cannot get jobs anywhere else. There is no incentive for educated, dedicated and loyal employees to even want to work for the State. State employees are not respected by the Governor or the Legislature. When was the last time a pay raise of any sort was given? Well over 5 years. The pay grade study was ditched, with some employees receiving the benefits of the study and the others left standing out in the cold. And a 401K retirement system? The benefits are the ONLY thing keeping many employees working for the state, and now they want to do away with that. With all the mergers and downsizing that has occurred over the last several years, workloads are huge, efficiency is lost, and morale is horrible.

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KU football players stand up for coach

How many times have we heard in the past few months that "football drives the bus" when it comes down to college athletic programs? That being the case, why would a university like KU hire a coach from a small college with a record of 20-30?? If a guy's biggest asset is being a "nice guy", then why would we expect such huge strides in the other aspects of coaching? I mean, hey, he's doing a really good job at being a "nice guy", that's what he does best! So hey, it looks like to me, we got just what we paid for! I vote for a change!

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KU football players stand up for coach

you are absolutely right, straightforward. i have been in both stadiums as well...and there is a difference in the atmosphere, and I'm not comparing them to today's situation with KSU, but the Prince days in comparison to the current state at KU.

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Loss to KSU ‘step back’ for KU

hogwash? You think the program is working? what game are you watching on Saturdays? Even if Long's resume is proven, it sure isn't working here. very predictable.

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Loss to KSU ‘step back’ for KU

how can a university recruit with this going on? Indeed, the competition has been tough, but we did not compete on the field, nor on the sideline, period. It's hard to recruit when we all see that. Turner might be a really nice guy, and I'm sure he is, but these kids deserve better. They are good athletes and need coaches who can make them better. It's discouraging for them too...not just the fans. Turner, nor his assistants, have what it takes, and if they do, go prove it somewhere else. We need proven coaches who can get this turned

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North Dakota State stuns Jayhawks, 6-3

OMG, that was the most awful game to watch! Did I read somewhere that Pick hadn't started a game as QB since the first game of his high school senior year? then didn't play the rest of that year because of injury? and now he's ready to lead KU ? I know the players feel bad about how horrible they played. I'm very concerned about the coaching as well.

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Self praises Perkins’ response to scam

Yes Lew is responsible. It was his job, this happened under his watch. He is the one who is accountable for their actions, period, as would be the Subway manager and the clothing store manager. That's their job. Frankly, before I form an opinion on what should, or should not, happen to Lew, I'd like to see a list of the good things he's responsible for on one side of the page, and on the other side of the page, the bad things he's responsible for. Weigh it out and make a decision. If he's gotta go, he's gotta go.

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Perkins did it his way

Toe---"when will we start paying the athletes?" I think we are already...........they get an education, right? My daughter (at KU) isn't an athlete and she/we pay for her education. It might not be a cash paying job, but they aren't paying for their education either (unless they are a walkon or unscholarshiped player).

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