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Study suggests link between DNA and political persuasion

invictus (Anonymous) says: Is it racist to say that a majority of African Americans are Liberal?, or that a majority Conservatives are white Americans of Northern/Western European heritage? I would love to hear your explanation of this correlation._________________________________________________________________________I actually don't think it is racist to say that most Af. Am are liberal; it bears out in statistics. The reason that is, in my simple opinion, is because of the cultural history of our country. Every day someone posts something that demonstrates that racism is alive and well. It looks different these days than in 1964. Psychologically speaking for certain groups of people, it is probably a survival instinct to sway toward social justice. Now are most white people conservative? that is harder to generalize. I think this research is interesting and obviously hit a few nerves (read FEAR).

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CNN examines being 'Black in America'

Not everybody is spending all of their time blaming....consider this part of the segment that this article is about:

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CNN examines being 'Black in America'

anthea (Anonymous) says: Wow:this is really shocking. Obviously racism is alive and rampant in this country:and eastern Kansas. I am really shocked by many of the comments here (whether you are just "trying" to be "funny" or you are serious).Certainly has me questioning moving here:and staying._____________________________________Don't let a few unreasonable, hateful posts influence your decision to come to Lawrence.In general, i have found Lawrence a much more tolerant and peaceful place than most.

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Accident report blames semi driver for deadly 23rd Street motorcycle accident

We don't know the trucker and we can't make assumptions. I would bet that he is in a lot of pain because of his mistake. Prayers and sympathies for both families.

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Americans should learn more languages

what does jive mean person 184?Here let me help you since you appear to be a race baiter.swing music. glib, deceptive, or foolish talk.The messiah speaks deceptive, foolish talk, fluently___________________________________________Just what I thought. At least own your ideas.

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Americans should learn more languages

barrypenders (Anonymous) says: spidermanThe messiah speaks "jive" fluently.____________________________________________Barry, am I missing a crucial part of the joke or is this really as racist as it appears?

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What is the best concert you've ever gotten tickets to?

Paul McCartney 2002 in STLPolice 2007 STLPrince 2004Billy Idol and The Cult 1988Toots and the Maytalls...every damn time I see themU2 1987 Joshua Tree Tour U2 Zoo TV early '90sWould still love to see Led Zep and Peter Gabriel

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Imus says comment was misunderstood

Dearest Ulrick: Yes, a member of a group can say things that members outside of the group cannot. It is true in a multitude of groups: women, blacks, men, rednecks (meant very nicely you see),Hispanics. It goes on and on. It's not's just the idea that if you are not a member and don't walk in those shoes, your comments will be perceived differently. We all belong to groups that have been disparaged by someone outside of the group (for example, Rush L. may have referred to me as a femi-nazi); I don't think I trust him to understand my issues. I don't trust Imus to understand the issues in the African American community. I think Bill Cosby can be reasonably trusted to understand the socio-economic issues within the African American community. So yeah, shut the eff up, Don Imus! You have lost the right to be given the benefit of the doubt with comments regarding race.

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Paying a price for old pets

I wonder if Confrontation has sponsored an orphanage or something.

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Bravo bride

Lots of trite judgments today. Congrats to the couple on the wedding and the show. I'm going to try and catch it. If you have ever watched the show you would understand that it certainly is newsworthy!

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