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Book takes compelling look at racial bias

Most days, I would never defend Tom. But I know what he is talking about. STL is an interesting place and I got a taste of what many black people get in a predominantly white area. People were very hostile and rude. It depends on where you are. Couldn't wait to get back to Lawrence!!

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Schoolhouse raps: Students respond to math teacher’s hip-hop lessons

Math facts ARE rote, duh! I'm sure the kids cannot learn the concept from the rap alone but it probably helps them remember. Mnemonic strategies (which are meaningless ways to remember things) have been proven to be effective.
"Gord forbid" you have any better ideas other than to be a hater. Might want to spell check when you criticize a teacher.
Kudos to him; it's obviously effective!

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Nation must see racist acts for what they are

Like Bill Maher said, the Tea Party is "racism, all grown up" Aren't ya proud?
Not surprisng that Barry and Tom cannot restrain themselves on this one.

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From teenager to mother

Shocking...I totally agree with Brent Garner today. Teen mothers have a long hard road and most times, the children suffer right along with them.

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Federal student loans make better option

That's what I either didn't go to college or daddy paid your way.

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Federal student loans make better option

Did you go to college? How did you pay for it? it is impossible to pay out of pocket for college these days and the federal student loan program has been in existence for a very long don't get all bent out of shape.

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Rethinking downtown: Commissioner’s ideas for Mass. Street go well beyond business as usual

I think a pedestrian mall sounds like fun! We do need to evolve.

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Schools aim to defend funding

Big Prune saysNext year, I'm sending my kids to private school___________________________________________Don't the let the door hit you on the way out!

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Civic illiteracy is alarming

Cal wants people to pass this test. Would it be ok if we just focused on an actualy literacy rate, employment, and paying taxes? C'mon!

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Some advice for the Obamas

demonfury (Anonymous) says: My advice would be to continue investing heavily into behemoth bulletproof glass like the monstrosity of a barrier that was erected on the front and sides of his stage on election night at the Ebenezer baptist Church. What's that going to cost Joe Taxpayer?______________________________________Maybe if you and your friends weren't so demonic and full of fury, it wouldn't be necessary. Won't cost Joe Tax Payer too much unless he owns 7 houses. Throw back another beer, Demon, and relax.

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