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Danny Manning moves on

Danny, thank you for being a tremendous part of KU by mentoring & passing on your knowledge to current & former Jayhawk b-ball players! You'll ALWAYS be a part of KU, & you have truly earned this coaching position! Best of luck to you!

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Jayhawk fans storm downtown to bask in afterglow of Final Four victory

It's not like this is an everyday occurrence. If you were here in 2008, you should have known what it would be like. Lawrence is a college town. There tends to be college students, and yes, not all are the most sophisticated, but neither are all adults.

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Hello, New Orleans!

Well said, Fishman. I'm a diehard Jayhawk fan and alumn, and I have no hard feelings towards Roy. We have Bill, need I say more?

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Altered anthem bothers Bill Self

I think we've gotten off track, but if you don't like the way our country is ran, then move elsewhere or write your Senator. If it weren't for war (which I am opposed to unless absolutely necessary), then I can guarantee you that you would not be able to voice your opinion with your computer. As far as not caring about our country, I suggest you stop relying strictly on media and take a good look at what your country has provided you. I know there are MANY flaws & corrupt politicians, but wow! We are one spoiled country compared to many others! I think you may need a refresher on our founding history & then you may understand where Self and many others are coming from.

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As antibullying efforts evolve, ‘data drives decisions’

good point since repubs only want wealth...sure as heck can't become wealthy pleading for research grants

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How did you hear about Sept. 11? What do you remember from that day?

I was 17 yrs old and a senior in high school. I was playing hookie from school that day and turned on the TV, and I thought I was watching a movie when I saw the first tower on fire. I changed channels to see the same thing on just about every channel.

I was in absolute shock and witnessed the second plane hit the other tower on TV. Later that day, I discovered that my friend's office at the Pentagon was destroyed. Thankfully, he was not in his office that day.

Despite not knowing anyone who died that day, seeing the horrific looks on people's faces and the people jumping from the windows was absolutely devastating. I'll never forget that day when complete strangers were helping one another or the day I visited Ground Zero.

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Do you enjoy running for recreation or exercise?

Too hard on my knees.

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Injury accidents gnarl traffic on three highways

I just made it back to Lawrence after moving 1 mile in 45 minutes. I saw 2 helicopters leaving the area around 5:30-5:45 (don't quote me on that). A few decided to turn around on the roads in the median and drive through Eudora. Traffic was backed up slightly past the Eudora exit when I decided to turn around. However, the traffic through Eudora was pretty congested. I hope everyone is OK.

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