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Warrant sparks free speech concerns

Seems obvious to me that the request made of the Journal-World was overbroad. Trying to use a sledge hammer to swat a fly. I'm embarrased for the DA and really embarrassed for Judge Six.

At least the law professors have a nearby example of "overreaching" and "fishing expedition" to discuss with their students.

People in positions of power need to have their actions scrutinized and discussed, verbally and electronically. Anonymity allows whistleblowing. A reader can choose not to believe a post, but if he hears about, say, a Justice who often falls asleep on the bench, he may inquire from people in a position to know, and discover it is true.

The only good to come from this is maybe the pot smokin crowd will quit crowin' about their smokin'. Smoke if you must, but don't chortle about your lawbreaking.

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New jail program could ease transition to life on the outside

I think Johnson County has such a program and they seem to think it is worthwhile. I'm kinda suprised the county that enjoys the presence of KU does not already have such a program. Isn't there a sociology dept anymore? That was the "liberal" major when I attended college.

Anyway, in Johnson County probationers seeking a job meet once a week as a group with a "job-resource" specialist and they share leads on who might be hiring, what options exist for housing in a particular area, etc.

Most crimes are for drug possession/sales, I believe. I might be inclined to hire someone caught up in a raid at a party house, who is undergoing or has completed a treatment program, although I personally would be leery of hiring someone convicted of, say, murder.

I think undersheriff Massey deserves praise for trying to help both the taxpayer and the probationer. It is no panacea, no cure-all, but it is worth a $60,000 shot. What are the cost figures on incarceration, anyway? That would have been a great addition to the article.

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Flexible bedtimes and parents help teens enjoy bowl game viewing

Thanks its_getting_warmer, for that reminder of the more innocent days. I, also, recall how cool we thought our jr hi principal was when he allowed our 6th hour teachers. if they chose, to have the classroom intercom broadcast the World Series. We were so well-behaved in order to get that special reward for the last twenty minutes of the period.

If I were a Lawrence teacher, I'd be mellow on Friday. The kids understand fair play and usually reciprocate.

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Holds sideswipe card users

payment due dates on Mondays that are holidays...
"universal default".....
mailing "cash convenience" checks even when instructed
not to do so by the cardmember...

The credit card business is a particularly greedy one and since many of the big banks got involved in the subprime mess, I expect the credit card divisions of said banks to become even trickier to extract even more fees and charges from the average cardholder.

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Schools adapt to increased text messaging, cell phone use

I tend to give the school the benefit of the doubt in its policies regarding appropriate punishment/consequences of student behavior in the classroom.

I would be appalled at an administrator's snooping thru a confiscated cell phone unless there is something akin to a clear and present danger. Another topic for administrator/teacher inservice (or Wednesday afternoon) discussion.

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(Almost) Everybody's All-American

This youg man seems to have a sparkling personality and was funny and clever on one of the awards shows. However, as has been pointed out, he did seem to get burned in many games.

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Ho, Ho Heart Attack?

I agree that we should all be skeptical and ask many questions about meds. Vioxx played a major role in my father's death, causing an irregular hearbeat after 3 weeks.(Exactly why was it supposed to be better for shoulder pain than Advil?)

Be skeptical and do lots of research. Now I'm throwing on some clothes for a brisk thirty minute walk. One easy way at this time of day is to go to a laundrymat and circle the machines 50 times. I also get a load of clothes done.

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Crucial Crucial service

I don't know if it is the Christmas spirit or the civil and tolerant tone of the first posts, but I am in agreement that a bus service is needed. Tweak it, sure, but don't ruin it.

Thank you all for the collective wisdom and viewpoints you have provided on this site. Merry Christmas!

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Blinding blizzard blasts region

Overland Park does a great job of clearing the streets; even the side streets get bladed within a few days of a large snowfall.

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Police seek equipment stolen after officer's truck left running, unattended

And since uwish1020 is so concerned about spelling, he may want to know that the contraction for "you are" is not "your" but is "you're." As in "what you're attempting to write..."

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