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Parole violator being held on $100K bond after firing gun into occupied vehicle

If User "greenworld" and 99 others will put up $1,000 each for his bail, Willie won't miss work!

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Delay means Kansans won't get federal funds to make their homes more energy efficient

"In addition, $1.5 million has been set aside to take care of the home efficiency loans that had been in the process of approval when the state redirected the funding."

That's irresponsible reporting, as the $1.5 million was also originally taken by Governor Brownback, and only available to fund some in the Efficiency KS program, because it was given back to KS due to regulations the business couldn't / didn't want to meet!

A great program is down the drain, due to dirty politics. Who elected the clown???

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Occupy Lawrence notifies city that some campers plan to stay in South Park despite warnings from city

Campers - please don't think that city representatives are representitive of the greater public here in Lawrence, as we do care about people and relevant issues.

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Kansas governor schedules public meetings focused on child poverty

Brownback usually only attacks those who deserve his scorn and bad ideas - the poor, the children, and the homeless - why? They don't count, because they don't vote. Now, if he could only add some other, socially weak class of people to go after. Perhaps the old and disabled? No, he's already attacked programs and support for them. Maybe Brownback should go after domestic violence victims and unwed mothers?

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Critics target concealed carry changes

“The NRA and the gun lobby want to normalize carrying guns anytime, anyplace and, as a result, the country is at a real critical point,” said Brian Malte, director of state legislation for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

I don't know for sure about the NRA or gun lobby groups, but personally, for me that statement is quite false. As a general rule, I don't support gun owners carrying guns into courthouses, churches, bars, prisons, I.R.S. buildings, on airplanes, amusement rides, or in pools! (My point is that people need to choose their words more carefully when making a call against a party different from theirs.)

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