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Lawrence startup launches product to compete with Keurig coffee maker; update on proposed fried chicken chain for west Lawrence

My name is Dan Blomgren. I own Cibo Sano Italian Grille 6th and Wak (next to Dillons). I may be just the Italian restaurant you are looking for. I am the highest rated restaurant in Lawrence based on Yelp and Google reviews averaging 4.8/5.0 stars. Our average meal including drink is under $10.00. I also serve gelato and sorbet made in-house as well. Please come check me out and say 'hi' when you do. I would love to meet you and make sure your experience was a good one. Thanks, Dan

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Local book drive collects more than 2,000 books for underprivledged kids

A wonderful example of people taking care of a situation themselves instead of turning to the government for all the answers.

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Yellow Deli hoping to bring sandwiches and 'fruit of the spirit' to downtown Lawrence

Phil Patmon,
You are obviously watching this thread with a response to Keith Richards yet you choose not to answer a simple and direct question from Clark Coan. Why is that? Perhaps something to hide? You have an open forum here to dispel untruths and clear the air so why the silence? Could it be the answer would only uncover your cult practices? So Phil we are all waiting for your reply.

And for the record you and I have never met, and I hope we never do!

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SG Kelly Oubre commits to Kansas basketball

Excited to have you! Looking forward to watching you play. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Government shutdown produces automated calls from Democratic Party group targeting Jenkins, Yoder

Personal responsibility. It's not up to the government, it's up to me!

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Activist hopes shutdown will spark 'Occupy Congress' movement

Do any of you 'activists' really think that holding signs in South Park in Lawrence, Ks will have ANY affect in Washington D.C.? You may get cheered on by passing motorists honking their horns, but again it doesn't change a thing in D.C. where it matters. Hey here's an idea: how about instead of standing on a street corner all day holding signs you spend those hours writing letters to those who can make a difference? Maybe make your voice heard? Stop the useless and foolish behavior, and do something that actually makes your voices heard because honking cars in Lawrence fall on deaf ears in D.C.!

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Saturday Column: Benghazi questions undermine Obama’s credibility

I have never had such distrust for the President as I do with Obama. Every time he opens his mouth another lie is spewed to the american public. I am amazed how he gets by with it, and how he is still so strongly supported by the liberal left. Their glasses can't be that rose colored can they? I would like to put more faith in the american public, but just as with Obama my hopes have disappeared. I have never been so distraught with America as I am now.

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18 area students named National Merit semifinalists

I don't remember the exact numbers I used for enrollment. I pulled them off the internet and wasn't paying real close attention to exactly when they were taken. I knew they would were relatively current and just needed/wanted a ball park figure.

The argument I made was based solely on the NM numbers. Again having any class hit 18% for national merit is mighty impressive.

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18 area students named National Merit semifinalists

You are right. I looked at total enrollment when I did my math not just the senior class like I should have. My bad. If we attribute 300 kids to the senior class for each F.S and L.H. they would have needed to produce 54 NMHS to equal the 18 % that Bishop hit.
I don't think Bishop can pick and choose. If you pay the cash you attend. It's that simple which takes me to my third point which you made already so clearly for me. It is apples and oranges. And clearly private schooling is better.
For the record my son is a L.H. graduate, and is doing just fine in life. Having 18% of any class being NMHS is mighty impressive regardless of what school you attended.

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18 area students named National Merit semifinalists

The most astonishing fact about this story is that Bishop's 5 kids represent 18% of the graduating class. By comparison 18% of Free State's class would have produced 261 NMS finalists (compared to the 11 they actually produced) and Lawrence High would have produced 226 NMS finalists (compared to the 2 they actually produced) .

Hard to argue the public system compares to the private system with numbers skewed this badly in Bishop's favor.

Regardless, I applaud all the kids for their achievement. They should be proud of their accomplishment.

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