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Kansas delays pension contributions, postpones school aid funds

Oh how the school choice arguments make me laugh. Let's say that we tear apart the public system, seems like an idea. I just hope you do not have a child with special needs. Private schools are not required to educate them. In fact, most absolutely refuse to accept them. Even when they do, they send them back to a public school for their special ed services. The school choicers would just say "well then a school will pop up to serve them." This is possible, which is not unlike in the past when they were excluded from the classroom. Also the cost to educate them is higher and as a result the tuition would be higher. I'm all for reform, but a complete end to the public school system would have some consequences.

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Another snow day would force Lawrence school district to make up for lost time

Tenure in K-12 is not tenure in the same was as higher education. Tenured teachers can still be RIF'ed (Reduction in Force) just like any other teachers. Also tenure in K-12 is actually just access to due process rights. If an administrator does their job they can get any teacher out of their building. However, the paperwork and effort to do that usually scares them off. Feel free to look it up tenure does not exist in state law, but due process rights is the more apt name for it.

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Area school districts cancel Wednesday classes

The days will not have to be made up because the snow days are built into the calendar. In fact, the district (464) has 7 or so built into the schedule. This is what happens with rural districts. Also driving a bus on a rural road is much different than other vehicles. It's better to be safe than sorry because even those who would say open the schools would probably sue if bad things happened to their kids when school was open during this weather.

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TMP-Marian alumnus leaves $2.6M gift to Hays high school

As a Hays native, I would tend to agree with Kever. If you think it is so fancy...just go in the will see that is not quite the case. The reputation and hype is much better than the reality. Maybe this money will help them recapture a bit of that prestige.

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TMP-Marian alumnus leaves $2.6M gift to Hays high school

The headline made it sound a bit more interesting like he gave it to Hays High School. I thought a rumble was about to ensue. Oh well, maybe they can fix up some of their buildings and keep the school going.

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Offensive letter

Just a note on the testing.

The test is not all just a one shot experience for all. If you are a high school student that fails to pass the first time than you get another shot about 6-9 weeks later. The high schools have the time to prepare the kids again for the test. I am not saying this is right or wrong...but just what it is. So this notion that all the testing is just one day out of the year is a bit off when it comes to the high school kids.

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Brandon Rush suspended five games for violation of NBA drug policy

Are you serious emaw?...have you heard of Michael Beasley? He got caught doing the same stuff in the NBA. Oh wait, he hadn't played a game yet.

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Kobach, Biggs nominated as Secretary of State candidates

Well a good comparison for Kobach is Phill Kline. Hopefully, Biggs decides to really campaign this time around...unlike when he lost the AG race to Kline.

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Brownback heavily favored in Kansas governor GOP primary

How is it possible that Brownback is the less insane person in this primary?

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K-State running out of on-campus housing

They simply have a lack of housing in general. They have 9 residence halls, 3 scholarship halls, and on-campus apartments. By comparison, KU has 8 residence halls, 12 scholarship halls, and 2 types of on-campus apartments. Also KU has a private residence hall close to campus. I am not sure if KSU has a similar type hall.

It sounds like all the enrollment growth they experienced over the years did not come with planning for housing these students. Oh well, sounds like a painful experience to deal with now.

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