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City commissioner Sue Hack won't seek third term

Not as good as her answering questions and being candid with the community. She is serving as an elected official, she should act like one. It is not too late for her to resign. She should resign NOW. She did not serve us well.

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Gun threat

guns kill eight children every day!

Maybe more concern about the eight children each day with appropriate ideas for prevention might help perserve the right to own arms. We as a culture use to be more tolerant of drinking and driving, now we have laws and increased enforcement to combat that problem more aggressively. We require a certain amount of information with testing for handling a car, I think we should for guns.

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Theft of copper in irrigation systems could hurt crops

No, they might crush it, but melting it is unlikely. What is likely is the junkyard buying it knows it is hot, and that is where it is going. When my dad's special copper roll was stolen he went to katches in Topeka , described it and Mr. Katch told him who brought it in and gave dad the roll.

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Future of WRAP funding in doubt

good gosh, it isn't a choice between teachers and wrap, it is a choice between adminitstrative cuts and wrap, between landscaping and building new schools and wrap, what a crock headline.

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Request to protest at sailor's funeral denied

Does anyone know if one can protest at the insanic cult that passes for a tax free church?

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New sister cities

I agree with mad mike, that he should move to freedonian. I do tell people that Kansas has both an ocean and mountains, can't see the mountains cause the corn is too high, and the ocean is too old and just sleeps all the time.

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Developer seeks expansion into city parking lot

it sounds good to me and a good price. there is usually places to park in the garage. This is on vermont street.

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NBC sued over sex predator sting

The reasoning behind "regardless if it is constitutional to do so or not" is the basic reasoning that germany gave when they denied jewish people legal rights. I am not ready to trade the constitution and law because you hate predators. i hate predators but what they do is against the law. To further the idea that laws should not be applied in that issue is mad. many people are accused falsly, that would be a nightmare. Law is unfairly balanced now, little justice, some adjustment, but to cry that the constitution and law should not apply seems mad.

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NBC sued over sex predator sting

I don't think this show fought predators, i think it helped alert them.
"district attorney refused to prosecute any of them, saying many of the cases were tainted by the involvement of amateurs. "
they were in it for the rating = cash, it is horrible that they use this cause to make their buck. They had plenty of time to be careful. . no no it is not enough that they are against predators, not if they care so little the predators get off, they care about the ratings. I see no information that the aclu was ever involved so the poster didn't care about predators, he just wanted to rant about his pet hatred. I don't think the aclu does represent current popular opinion, it represents constitutional legal rights.

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New sister cities

I am all for having Chanute, Coffeyville, Greensburg and Osawatomie. as international sister cities but it is a bad time to ask them to move to another country.
oh, maybe we should just continue to help them as neighbors and not make them into international sister cities. i do nominate overland park to move to Freedonia. Just prejudice talking there. I think I will continue to care about our neighbors even if i have a relationship with another town. But that may be against some fundamental understanding of same state relationships.

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