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Mail just 5 days a week?

Three days a week sounds ok to me too. BUT the postal service refusal to raise the bulk mail cost and their desire to build new buildings to service bulk mail seems to be missing from their remarks. They have been toads about putting their junk mail clients privileges over the rights of citizens is junk. I am careful about what type of packaging I accept or use, except they insist that they can't even restrict bulk mail to materials the meet recycling needs. Like no plastic, They are stuck in time.

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City credit card use stands up to audit

Sanitation often divides up a purchase to avoid the $1000 approval level, often resulting in more expense. Yoo's is a chiseler.

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City action on farm land may not really gain ground

Did Sue remember to check to see if by chance she owned some of this land. She should of resigned or at the very least answered some of the questions, which she didn't.

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Obama plans reflect tradition of live-in grandparents

It should be easier to have mother-n-law rooms, small apartments as part of your home, a lot of zoning forbids it. I am proud my family have always been bigger than the narrow nuclear definition. Long live the generations.

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Have you ever had a close call, like a plane crash?

I was once working on a high building and the ramp tilted and as I looked down, I was in mid air. There was nothing between the pavement and me, about four floors down. A man working beside me reached out , grabbed my arm, pulling me back . He said, "hey, don't do that". Thanks Larry.

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Haskell president under fire again

Warner was placed there to be a toady that won't fight as they strip the school of it's gains. She is no supporter, she is the strip miner. Thank the wormholes in Washington.

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Governor's budget proposal means cuts to local schools

Many school buses have been paid for by sponsors and private persons for special events for years. What you should do is offer to start a special fund for your class or your school with the school. It will help them with the "specials". I suggest contacting the principal. A donation of the cost of one bus will help both teachers and the kids.

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State Rep. switches parties

A lot of republicans feel they aren't leaving the party, the party left them. The Kansas republican party have become a cult. They thump the bible and name call fellow Kansans, they are stuck in the blame game, they insist on dehumanizing the real problems. They should look at where they came from and where they want to lead the state. The anti-environmentalism stances, the decision for going for the quick buck and hang the working class is not a good long term plan.We are facing real problems, not problems that will go away by spinning rhetoric but by good old fashioned hard work. The most important resources we have in Kansas are the people and the soil. The Republicans once cared about them. The new republican party doesn't.

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Stumbles mar Obama’s transition

happily I am not a conservative jerk who thinks that Obama should be perfect or is responsible for the sun rise and the moon set. I hope he keeps the focus on peace and on the economy and won't be distracted by the gnats that try and give him responsibility for every flaw in the country. One should ask, Why didn't Bush clean up the country? Oh yeah, he was too busy making it a mess. Deregulation and privatization seems to be the old slip it in my back pocket and in the name of freedom watch me line my nest. It is a pity that the boys seem to be getting out without impeachment. It would be good for the youth in this country to see that people who are responsible by their actions (not by imaginary super powers), are convicted. If anyone is flawed it is the still deep in denial right that want the Bush to go quietly into the shadow. Later to be rehabilitated to join Nixon in the league of "I am not a crook" too bad, they are crooks. It a bit late to look the other way and say, well what are they hurting.

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Stadium redo

I agree it is a privet (privet (priv′it)nounany of a genus (Ligustrum) of shrubs or trees of the olive family, with bluish-black berries and spikes of white flowers, often grown for hedges; esp., the common privet and a waste of energy.). Give it a break, the community is hurt by the rah rah sports culture.

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