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Lawrence school district names new director of facilities and operations

No degree required for this position? KU offers a facilities management program, so there are educational opportunities in the area that would produce people specifically training in this area.

Don't know the man - I'm sure he's very nice and capable in managing trees, but can't imagine that a forester background would provide the qualifications to manage as large of an entity as the school district. With a salary is in the $90,000 range how could the hiring committee not find someone, at least on paper, who has a more appropriate background? Who is responsible for looking after our tax dollars?

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What programs would you cut in order to help trim the Kansas budget?

Todays headline - KU interviewing first candidate for new position of vice chancellor for public affairs - as a KU employee, I believe that the new provost should quit trying to build up his staff and worry about teaching our students with quality faculty - get rid of the tenured deadwood. I also agree with the person who recommended that the number of state colleges & community colleges be reduced. Too much duplication in course offerings for a shrinking population.

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Destination library: Voters will be asked to approve expansion of building, services

As a state employee who has not seen a raise in salary in two years but all other expenses continue to increase, I am voting no to a library renovation. I am also speaking to everyone that I know urging them to vote no also. Since our lovely city leaders feel justified in turning away businesses who would contribute to our tax base, I feel compelled to turn down every request that they put before the voters. I also just received my health insurance plan for 2011. My premium increased 8 percent and all of my co-pays and deductibles have increased. This is just one example of the erosion of my salary.

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KU architecture professor is finalist for University of New Mexico dean post

If they are smart, they will hire Keith immediately. New Mexico's gain will be a major loss for KU!

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Parents displeased with reduction in school bus routes

When my children attended Lawrence public schools, the starting time worked fine for us. My husband dropped them off on his way to work. What caused us great problems were the early dismissal days. How working people deal with those still confounds me. Also, never try to get any appointment on a Wednesday afternoon - they don't exist. The teachers who are supposed to be collaborating are taking care of personal business.

Back to the original topic, the state of Kansas requires students living 2.5 miles or more away from their school to be bused. If Lawrence had followed those rules from the beginning, there wouldn't be a sense of entitlement now.

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