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Rape charge prompts national fraternity to investigate local Delta Chi chapter

so sad that a lot of us have the same story about frat houses.....

i had a friend get drugged at a party. the one and only time i ever went to a frat when i was in college. fortunately, we all watched out for each other and got her out of there before anything could happen. and she was good about watching her drink, etc. it just happens so fast. if those boys want to do it, they sure as hell will!!!!!!

i am with jg on the fact that you need to watch out for your friends and NEVER leave them behind at a party. yeah, i wish it was true that we could dress up like strippers and go wherever we wanted by ourselves, get hammered and pass out on a random couch naked if we so choose, but there ARE a-holes (aka: predators) floating around in the world, and it is just a matter of fact, and we need to be aware. WATCH OUT FOR YOUR FELLOW WOMAN!!!! (or boys that have been taught correctly, you watch out too!)

and we need to take on the responsibility of the parents that OBVIOUSLY are NOT teaching their boys that no is no, and unless both of you are coherent, don't have sex. too bad this frat isn't a TRUE brotherhood, or they would have taken on that responsibility and helped along their brothers that were not on the right side of the fence.

i hope this woman heals from this and these boys learn rather than pushing the would be rapists more into the woodwork.

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Crime victims compensation board starts work

i looked at the form because i was recently a victim of theft, and it says the form must be filed within 60 days of the occurance. which means you MUST have been a victim AFTER april 1st, because otherwise you would be out of the 60 day window. unless i missed something....

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Three charged for crimes stemming from growing marijuana north of Lawrence

i love how the video only focused on the crappy looking sheds on the property, when in reality this is a very nice house. yes, i have been inside a couple of years before this, and i had NO idea any of this was happening recently. as for the comments about their lifestyle/parenting choices, WHO CARES?!?! not my personal lifestyle choice... and i am absolutely certain that maggie was an excellent teacher and mother. and i am also certain she was not slinging pot to kids. if you had ANY idea of what kind of problems some teachers have, you would be begging someone who grows a natural PLANT to take their place!!!!

they weren't hurting anyone. and i agree with the other comments about how much money the county would have made if this was legal. (google growing marijuana and calculate how many buds are on one it at even 5% WHOA!!!) what a huge waste of money to even prosecute. so take a mother and father from their kids and put them in jail.... oh, yeah, great way to solve all of our country's problems!!! break up families!! excellent idea!!! let them live in boulder and take care of their family. WHO CARES? sure you already burned the plants and i doubt they gave anyone up. STOP WASTING MONEY ON A RIDICULOUS WAR ON DRUGS. *end rant*

i really wish the best for these two amazing people and their beautiful children.

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Lawrence Transit bus winds up in ditch near East Hills Business Park

i have enough self respect that i am not going to get in to an argument with someone on a message board about my opinions on entitlements and taxes....

it is a beautiful day outside, so i am going to get some exercise by walking to work ;)

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Lawrence Transit bus winds up in ditch near East Hills Business Park

i am with youarewhatyoueat!!! we are a one-car family because that is more economical and environmentally friendly. so, i have to ride the bus to work sometimes, and it is extremely convenient!! we aren't moochers, bums or anything else that has been suggested by some people here. we pay taxes and support the local community. on the few occasions that we do go to a liquor store, we use a local one and DO NOT use the T to get there!

i have never seen a 'bum' on the route i take. actually, there are several students and other people in the neighborhood that use the bus to get to work as well. if you actually ever attempted to use the T, you would note that there are strict rules about using the bus to ride around all day without the intent of getting off at a stop. i also suspect the very friendly and observant drivers would ask someone like that to please exit the bus.

please stop assuming everyone is as self-righteous and entitled as you, and is able to:

1. have all the resources necessary to NEVER rely on public transit
2. that everyone can fit into the neat little boxes you make for them in your head.


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Pop culture: Lawrence experts say cut kids off caffeine altogether

humans ARE fragile enough that we are killing ourselves with food from all the places you just listed!!! you may not be feeling the effects *now* but you and your children will feel it later.... science has shown that!

i love myself some good mc donald's crack, but i limit it to a treat that i eat maybe once a month. i would imagine that you probably frequent at least one of those drive thrus on your list each day....

i am with everyone on the "everything in moderation" boat.

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Records request sheds light on drug interdictions

i am wondering how they calculate how much these things cost on the street..... my math skills aren't the best, but i find it hard to believe that some of that would really sell for what i came up with... then again, drugs are addictive and maybe some people would do what it takes to come up with the money???

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Police aren't the only ones in Lincoln battling underage drinking, out-of-control parties

i am well above age, and have parties with my friends for birthdays, holidays, or just to get together and enjoy life. i NEVER let underage people drink at my house. i make sure people don't block my neighbor's driveways, and i keep the noise to a level that won't disturb people. if i had a van full of cops roll up to my house and bust in because i was having a party and they started asking for id's i would be SERIOUSLY irritated!!!

living in a police state will NEVER solve any problems. the whole story was actually really creepy to me....

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Rape or consensual sex?

yes, boys SHOULD be taught not to take advantage of drunk women. however, if all the parents were actually teaching their children, we would not have pregnant 14 year old girls, children running around walmart like hooligans stealing crap, and children addicted to drugs.

so, teach your daughters, just like i was taught, don't put yourself in a situation where you can be taken advantage of!!! if it happens, no, it is not the woman's fault, but as women, we can't just go parading around like we can get drunk at a party and pass out on a random guy's floor with all our clothes off and expect that he is just going to cover us up with a blanket and make sure we don't puke on ourself!!! please, get real with what could (and very likely will) happen if you were in this situation.

my momma taught me the buddy system.... if you are going to a party where you might drink a bit much, go with a girlfriend, and leave only with that girlfriend. and of course, watch that drink from the time it is poured till the time you throw it away. and like i said before, i had drunken sex that i regretted later, but i STILL used protection, and i still faced the guys when i went to class. for all i know, they regretted it too....

the law should say "have some freaking common sense!!!"

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