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When online friends die: a goodbye to Multidisciplinary

while i didnt know Muiti other than her post on LJW i enjoyed her post and her information she provided. RIP Multi you will be missed greatly.

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Police arrest two Illinois parents after surrounding vehicle in parking lot of westside Walmart

Are you for real ? I agree that yes there needs to be more info, but im not so sure that this was a fun and games day at walmart for these kids..... do you often blindfold and restrain your children for no apparent reason ?

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Police arrest two Illinois parents after surrounding vehicle in parking lot of westside Walmart

I was in the parking lot when police arrived, the lady that had called 911 was near me and told me what she had seen and called 911 she deserves a huge KUDOS. scary to think what would of happened to these precious lives had she minded her own business. Im sure she had a sleepless night last night. Bless her.

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Kansas sextuplets celebrate 10th birthday

Happy Birthday to these children ! ! and PYWACKET shame on you for being so judgemental, MEOW..

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Pole impales SUV, injuring two

Oletimer , sorry but westar and the contractors working for them do not haul utility poles on Flatbed Trailers , they are actually pole trailers made for this such effort.Realest-mccoy... lets see you say something like this when its your family member involved !

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What are your spring break plans?

oh creature don't be a

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Pharmacists weigh in with advice about vitamin supplements

Melott what percentage would that be ???

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Sound Off: I heard that postage went up recently. Are the “forever” stamps that were purchased in 20

the garden love stamps are "forever" stamps, it is not limited any longer to the liberty bell stamps only ...

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Sound off: Are stop signs in grocery store parking lots legally enforceable?

my son backed into someone at a gas station in north lawrence and the officer that responded said they can not write a ticket or a report on it because its on private property, anyone know about this?? is that true??? also on another note, if your not supose to talk on your cell phone and drive, why was the officer that i was next to in lawrence last evening for 8 blocks talking on his phone???

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