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Asphalt Orchestra downtown performance

honestly people Headshinker just gave their opinion, calm down. , stop attacking anyone who post a opinion that is not in your favor.

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One person shot in Lawrence early Sunday

yeah i dont buy that, they will be back at it tonight.

August 18, 2013 at 10:54 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

City approves Menards store next to Home Depot at 31st and Iowa streets

Interesting you all are complaning and moaning about this . How many of you were at the meeting to voice these concerns ? Ahhhh just as I thought arm chair politicians. Dudedog12 is the only one who seems to grasp the whole idea. But seriously folks its like voting for the president if you dont vote you have no room to complain. Everyone have a outstanding day !

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Do you think the Lawrence school board should approve the increase in teacher salaries?

Oh eagle you just opened a can of worms there...

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Vehicle rolls over near 10th and Mississippi streets

Oh heavens yes ! Because by this being a RAV makes the story entirely different, Whew now it all makes perfect sense. Do you not realize that the LJW only reports what they receive from the PD..

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Senate approves bill allowing alcohol consumption in Statehouse

im sure the kansas tax payers will pay for all the food and drinks at this function as well as the hotel stays for thoes who have consumed too much liquid igornace...

April 6, 2013 at 10:07 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Topeka man injured in accidental shooting at Perry Lake

Ok out of the persons who commented, who was there ???? exactly you werent, you have no clue what happened, nor do i therefore im simply going to say. stop judging if you dont know the situation. and i hope this young man has a healthy recovery and he and his friends have learned a hard lesson, that could of turned out so much more worse.

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Would you ever keep chickens in your backyard?

couldnt be any worse than my neighbors stinking dog pens and barking dogs who bark all night and day , but the owner cant hear them,

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Westar seeking volunteers for pilot project that encourages off-peak electric usage

KU are joking right ? she has to be because there is no way someone is that stupid.

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If you could see any speaker who would it be?

Temple Grandin

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