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Letter: Wetlands not ‘vacant’

"Thanks" for "update".

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Lawrence home sales improve for 15th straight month

You should see Lawrence Business Magazine's real estate content. I get the feeling they might favor a certain company.

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Lawrence man's journey from Rastafarian to Serbian Orthodox deacon

"Wilson is a gentle man whose appearance is disarming but whose personality puts you at ease."

'But' implies an opposite. To be disarmed IS to be put at ease, no?

Neat story though.

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Police reopen westbound lanes on East 23rd Street; injury accident forced closure

Road construction or not, people are always rear ending each other there.

March 30, 2013 at 3:07 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

City commission candidates show no signs of wanting to eliminate fluoride from city's water; forum on fluoride set for Wednesday at KU

Pretty insulting and alienating to say that taking a look at this is embarrassing. You see, that's how science works, Ms Soden - you have to keep looking at things. Asking an auditor to compile a report is not a very demanding thing to ask when you consider the entire city is ingesting this stuff.

I think all these candidates are speaking out of turn. I find it a more than a little disconcerting that they are all so confident in their level of expertise on the matter, rather than deferring to people who've actually done real research.

None cited anything close to a source from which they've drawn these conclusions and I'm worried that may signal a reckless approach to crafting policy.

March 25, 2013 at 7:25 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Turning the tide: As traditional churches see interest wane, upstarts draw in young people

Went to a "service" at some rock and roll church a few months ago (not in Lawrence, but nearby). No sense of ceremony or occasion. People on their phones, walking in and out to get coffee and donuts, rock band members on stage in t-shirts. No sense of gravity at all. Booming bass through the PA. Fashionable, handsome young man in a flannel delivering the main talk. The people that took me probably assumed I would really just love it since I'm young, musical, possibly "edgy", but gah, I was just really grossed out. I grew up Catholic and abandoned it as soon as I could but would still much prefer going to Catholic mass where there is at least, a sense of awe and earnestness.

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What is one transportation improvement you would like Lawrence to make?

Teach people how to navigate a roundabout. Your left-hand blinker has no business in a roundabout. Right signal before the exit you intend to take. It's quite easy.

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Tips on holiday bonuses

"Go! is a new lifestyle magazine that appears in the print editions of Monday's Lawrence Journal-World.

It's designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. It has kid-friendly stories, helpful tips on how to get through the day, stories about local residents, entertainment news and a calendar to help you plan your week. Plus, it comes in an easy-to-navigate, easy-to-handle format.

If you have story ideas for Go!, contact Features Editor Katie Bean. To get Go!, visit or pick up a copy of Monday's Lawrence Journal-World anywhere around town.

For more information, visit our interactive Guide to Go!."

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Are there any advancements you’d like to see the country make in the next century?

Karen: woman are valuable and capable and deserve to be a part of this world. Someone lied to you.

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Captured sex offender charged with escape

My call to the police Monday night was returned in 5 minutes.

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